where the heads go ???

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by daddytech, May 28, 2010.

  1. daddytech

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    I have just acquired a 1997 S-10 blazer for my daughter to drive with the exception that i have to put the motor back together with little if any bolts and no pictures or idea of what all goes where on this little thing.

    this has a 4.3 litre v6 in it and i have gotten new motor mounts and the block is mounted but i have no idea of which head goes on which siide of the motor. This motor is out of a 1993 S-10 and only had 83,000 miles on it but again i didn't take it apart and i don't see anything on either head that indicates which side which head goes on. One head has two sensors mounted on it the other head has none.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has a 94 - 2002 blazer that is wrecked that they may be willing to sell bolts or parts off of please let me know they are getting hard to find parts for any more.
  2. bigdaddy77084

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    most of the time the head with the sensors are on the
    drivers side..Good luck.
  3. daddytech

    daddytech Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    that's what i was assuming but don't want to get this wrong because the replacement head bolts i am putting in are perma torque bolts and if i had to take them back out because i got it wrong i'd have to waste another $30.00 as it is i am already going yo have to buy a TON of bolts because i got this from my best friend and he didn't keep up with ANY of the bolts for anything he took apart on it

    got new head bolts but none of the transmission bolts bell housing, torqe converter, cross member or shifter linkage bolts or nuts are there. none of the exhaust manifold or header bolts are there, no intake bolts and some of the accessory bolts are missing too. also missing the transmission mount and the hood hinge bolts as well as the radiator mount bolts. I have all the parts but I will NEVER get another vehicle from him again unless i have free reign of a wrecked one near by that i can strip things off of. this is rediculous!
  4. bigdaddy77084

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    Sometimes you can get bolt kits on ebay or summit racing.
    Just think you will
    know that truck like the back of your hand when your done. Buying a ride in
    a basket is always fun.
  5. ThatSilverStepside

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    yea, unless the basket has a hole in the bottom and your missing 90% of the parts like mine was when i got it lol, anyways good luck daddytech keep us updated on how its going:great:
  6. TrailLeadr

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    You're in luck. they don't make right and left heads for these engines. It will be the same head part number just in the reverse position for one side as opposed to the other. Just make sure the head is clean, and the mating surface is not warped. Since your wiring harness will unlikely match up exactly with how the engine is setup it's not too important to worry about which side the sensor is on.
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  7. wis bang

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    Do U have a U-pick it junkyard in your area? Looking, or taking some pictures b/4 taking all the bolts you need would be helpful and these places are usually inexpensive for 'small' stuff!
  8. daddytech

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    UPDATE: I have gone to a junk yard near by my house and retrieved most of the accessory bolts for mounting everything on the front of the engine again. HOWEVER, I still haven't been able to get any of the replacement Exhaust manifold bolts yet nor have i been able to get the transmission bolts but i do have parts trucks near by that i can get them off of.

    The owner of the junk yard near my house very generously donated the bolts to my cause all i had to do was take the tools out with me to remove the bolts with.

    there is also a Pullapart that i can go to in Nashville but by the time i get there each time the vehicles that are there are usually scalped and parts are really hard to find. I am keeping after it though because this truck isn't going to rebuild it's self.

    i have been posting some of my progress on You Tube if any of you are interested in it

    watch them, share them with your friends if you would, I would certainly appreciate the views and comments both here and there.


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