Where to find Diamond plate tailgate cap for my 2006?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by AnimalYates, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys I've been looking for a diamond plate cap to put along my tailgate but I can't find one that fits ANYWHERE on the internet. The only one I found is a OEM spoiler COVER. and since I don't have the spoiler it won't fit. Does anybody here have one on their truck or know where I can get one? I guess if it really comes down to it I can buy the factory spoiler first or get one at a junkyard but I wanna go as simple as possible and find a straight up Diamondplate tailgate cap. And its gotta be diamond plate since thats the whole theme I got goin on with it right now!


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  3. AnimalYates

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    Maybe you can grab a stock tailgate cap from the scrappers for cheap off something wrecked? I only say this because I have some of the DeeZee brite plate bed rail caps on my truck and the low pro box and their fit and finish is great. I plan to get the "spoiler cover" once mine gets beat up some more, or once I return to work after 9 weeks off for my final Union training. Here's mine anyways to give you an idea. I've heard good things about the bushwacker stuff too though.

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    diamond plate

    DeeZee part # DZ2116 should work. Have you tried a local parts store?
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    I talk to a guy named Steve with DeeZee and he told me that the cap wouldn't fit right unless I had the factory spoiler... so I think I'm gonna go check a scrap yard soon (when I get the time lol) or order one or something. And I've seen the bushwacker one and I like it but the black wouldn't match my truck much at all lol. Check my pics to see for yourself!

    And thanks for the help guys, and Falcone you have one sweet ride man! If the previous owner hadn't put a lot of chrome on my truck I would've went with the black accessories instead of the chrome. Don't feel like shelling out the bucks to change everything though plus I'm loving it.

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