Where to get good priced exhaust.

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by USMC_SILVERADO, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    looking into getting my exhaust done soon, want to do this myself.
    Any websites with decent priced kits? i want duals. (true duels if possible.).. ive been searching around the site but trying to get ideas of places to shop (besides Local)

    ive got a 2011 silverado, Crew, LT 5.3 flexfuel everything proformance/fuel is stock. i will also be in the Market for a CAI (getting the KN or AEM).. thanks for the help.
  2. stephan

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    Summitt & Jegs are both good & ship on time.. Summit is a little cheaper.
  3. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Hey man try www.autoanything.com they have the best priced product's and offer a discount on top of that! Most sites try to cost way more than them and then use a discount code just to be what theres were priced at before the coupon code! I bought mainly all of my parts from there since they offer free fast shipping and lowest prices!
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Jegs and Summit both have there own exhaust lines ( I'm sure Hearthrob make 'em) that are priced right. Seems to be good stuff for the money.
  5. is it possible to get a good cat-back system for 250-350? if so what kind would they be...
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  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    Go to Jegs.com and put in your trucks info for cat-back exhaust and it will give you all the brands and prices.
  7. KyleZ71

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    I just put on my kit from them on. Good quality, poor instructions but anyone can figure it out. The pipes are aluminized, mine I purchased was a 2.5'' mandrel bend flowmaster super 10 kit with stainless steel rolled tips. Sounds really nice and I would recommend it. Took a couple hours to clamp together and hang. Cost was $280
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  8. Jimmeh

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    Personally, if you're willing to drop almost $400, I would just get a couple of mufflers, and find a local muffler shop to put mandrel bent tube under neath it for ya. Mine isn't a true dual, but from the cat back it is all custom bent and routed, and cost me exactly $400 INCLUDING the price of the muffler (which I bought myself from Flowmaster). But that's just my personal preference since I don't know how to use a welder or bend pipe (unless of course it is my own :D)
  9. I have a couple ideas as I am doing this search myself and am trying to pinch every penny I can. I am looking at either Banks or Magnaflow so that makes it a little difficult to keep the price down. Here is what I've found so far:

    For a complete banks kit I have found no better price than I have here http://performancetruckproducts.com/exhaust-1.html?manufacturer=9. This is a 2-1 kit that is 3in mandrel bent stainless steel pipe with a 3in straight through muffler to a 6"x5" stainless steel rolled edge tip.

    For a true dual Magnaflow kit I looked up part # 11225 on Amazon and got a great price of somewhere around 60-70 dollars a muffler. Then my local shop would run some alumanized pipe for $150. Add in a X pipe I found on ebay for cheap and you have a true dual setup with quality components for less than $400. Of course if you want stainless and mandrel bent pipes that will of course cost you more.

    I am leaning toward a 2-1 kit as the way that the exhaust has to route down the truck it just about negates the purpose of having true duals. The pipes from the driver side catalytic converter bends right to the y-pipe on the passenger side then run almost the whole length of the truck down the passenger side then would have to split back to the driver side making essentialy a C shape and negating any real performance gains due to many bends in the pipe restricting airflow. Whereas the 2-1 kit from Banks runs straight back from the Y-pipe and out the back with minimal bends in the pipe.

    I just did a quick search and found you could get a Magnaflow part# 12641(30in long) for $108 or 12619(14in long) $75 and have your local shop hang the muffler and run the pipe for you or just cut it in to your factory 3in pipe for ultimate savings. The only difference in the two mufflers I listed is the longer the muffler the more quiet it is. I would go for a 30in muffler but if you want more noise then the 14in would be for you.

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