where to put the amps?

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  1. collinsperformance

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    ok- i been working on Brutis and he needs some new tunes. i got new dash/door/rear and sub speakers. i got a new radio and correct install kit. i got one amp for the sub and it will work under the pass seat. my issue is the other amp for the rest of the speakers. if put under the drivers seat it will stick out and bee seen by someone looking in. if under the drivers side 2nd row the seat back will hit the amp when the rear seat is folded down. i do remove the rear seat often so i can not mount under or in a box behind. do you have pictures of where yours are instlled and some tips?
    thank you tons for this as i found nothing in the search. i got a 1993 K1500 Suburban
  2. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    ok-i get it no one has ever had an issue....well i might have this resolved and i post some pictures. i got to make a few new mounts and move some things around.......mike
  3. ProzacKid

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    How big are the amps and your goal is to hide them from sight? What was the plan for you to mount them that you came up with?
  4. collinsperformance

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    i want better sound in the best but nothing that would win a thump contest...lol

    i want to keep it mostly out of sight and be able to use full storage room in Brutis so a huge box with the amps would not work. so here is the system so far.

    a new cd sound system combo it has 100 watts X4 channels one will goto the 2 dash speakers. the other amp will push the new 2nd row door speakers and the rear speakers by the hatch. i got a 600wattX4 channel amp. i got a removable sub box with a 12" sub and the amp to push it is 800wattX2 with a single bridge channel. i tried to place all under the front seats buy the apms are too long. i tried under the rear seat but the back of the seat will smother the amp when it is down. this is a daily driver with 5 people in it most of the time so i had to kid proof it some. i lost the power steering last night so i got to fix that 1st then i get to the details on the radio.

    *******PS- i am no radio expert and my knowledge is in the older stuff, so if the details are funny or not current i am sorry. i think this will be a great system when done................
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  5. ChevyFan

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    It sounds like it will be a good system, but the problem I see is where to put all that stuff. I've put an amp in only one vehicle and it bolted down nicely under the front passanger seat. Otherwise, guys that have put a lot in their truck/car have built a box for the back and put an amp or two on the box itself. Or, they have bolted the box on the side in the back.

    Once you get into two amps, I'm not sure where you'll put the other one if you don't put it in one of these places. What's under the driver's seat, btw? How often do you have the rear seats folded down?

    So you'll have the following in your Burban.

    100 watts x 4 Channels
    Will directly power the dash speakers

    First Amp
    600 watt 4-Channel.
    Will run the 2nd row door speakers & rear hatch speakers

    Second Amp
    800 watt 2-Channel.
    Will these run the new box only? Can you mount it on the box itself if you're going to remove it sometimes?
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  6. collinsperformance

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    ok- i glad to get a following on this --this means it might get done somewhere else or improved.
    my middle seat id down 1/3 of the time, when we go shopping i fill the back up fast with 5 of us eating...lol
    so yes that is the sound system and it looks like i tap the power strip on the firewall and run to a custom plate under the pass seat. this will hold a power disti block and fuses and one amp (the rear sub amp).
    the head unit will power the 2 dash speakers (mostly mid and high no bass)
    i hold off on the other amp untill i see if i can get it to work. i seen the barn doors used and the boxes and custom panels in the back but i want to be able to leave the burban and know if someone looks in it looks stock and not worth thier time to bust in.
    with the kids and things we doo i want the sub speaker to be easily removed if needed. so i got a cube inclosure with quick release connections and the box can be move to another spot or pulled out if needed. well i got the call my other power steering parts are in so off to get them. I will post as i go...i wish i could post more than 4 pics per post but i can deal with it..............be back soon.....mike
  7. Rumpamuro

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    ive hidden 2 amps and a/v reciever under the middle row of a suburban and they were pretty long.. or else, try the sides of the third row/ where the third row would be, pry off the plastic side consoles, and try and sneak them in there, then theyll really be hidden
  8. collinsperformance

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    well the P/S pump came apart so this got a small delay. i back on the road and will do a write-up for the other and work on this--i need some tunes, but the rain is not allowing me to work in the shop...mike
  9. collinsperformance

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    well the weather has not been on my side and the job hunting has slowed me down some. well I got the sub amp built. i use some bed rails i have stacked up for these types of projects.
    after a few measurements i had the plan. i was going to use some MDF and the holes in the bottom of the pass front seat. here was the mount.
    I laid out where things were going to go. i wanted to have as much space as i could so there would be no cross over.
    This is how it will look from the front.
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  10. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    This is how the fuse block and amp will fit.
    After cleaning up the cut out and some light sanding i hit both with primer and gloos black paint. i then bolted on the front mount to the coard.
    This is the view from the front.
    I took some 1" sheetrock screws and cut the ends so they were 3/4" long. i predrilled all the holes. and then i mounted the amp.

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