which 08 5.3 intake/exhaust/tuner?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Ihtanni, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Ihtanni

    Ihtanni New Member

    So I'm getting a new 08 5.3 silverado tomorrow... on the list of things to do are exhaust, intake, and a tune/tuner. I'm pretty sure I'm going Gibson for the exhaust (part #65626), had one on my dakota and my brother has one on his 01 silverado, like the sound of both.

    What intake though? K&N FIPK? any others out there I should know about?

    And tuner? Most of the canned tuners don't have support for 08 yet it looks like (superchips, SCT), what's a good one for Chevy's? I'm coming from a dodge, and had a superchips on my old truck, liked it well enough, but figured Id ask to see what my options are.

  2. Never Enough

    Never Enough Rockstar 100 Posts

    On my 08 5.3 I have the K&N Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, and Bully Dog Programmer. Very happy with the combination.
  3. Ihtanni

    Ihtanni New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Which K&N, the 77 series chrome metal one or the plastic FIPK? pics? :)
  4. SlickMachine

    SlickMachine Rockstar

    I have the Superchips on my rig. It is programmed for the performance setting, 91 octane. I don't notice much of a difference, if any. The only thing it was good for was adjusting my Speedo for the bigger tires, removing rev limiter and compensating for the 4.56 gears. From what I gather, the Nelson tune is the best way to go, period. Its a custom tune, they flash your PCM and send it to you, and people say it works well. I cant say my programmer worked well.
  5. Never Enough

    Never Enough Rockstar 100 Posts

    I prefer the 57 series over the 77 series. Polished looks nice at first, but after a couple years it starts looking pretty rough. Also, typically the black plastic tend to get about 2-3 hp more than the polished aluminum due to heat dissipation.

    I've never had good luck with a Superchip on a gas Chevy...never been impressed.
  6. Ihtanni

    Ihtanni New Member

    Good to know about the superchips on a gas chevy, cause it worked wonders on the dakota. Since my truck is my dd, I'm kind of hesitant to do a custom PCM flash, unless they flash one and send it to me, then I ship mine back to them. That and I didn't think the custom tunes have cracked the '08 PCMs yet... ?

    Anyone know which canned tuner works well for the chevy's? or is a custom flash the only way to go?

    I think I'm gonna go with the 57, it's less $ and more HP, and while the polished looks nice, I'm not too concerned about the looks of the 57 ruining the engine bay...

    Thanks for the input!!!!
  7. Never Enough

    Never Enough Rockstar 100 Posts

    I like the Bully Dog, Edge and DiabloSport on the new Chevys. You'll be happy with any of them. The edge is nice because of the display, but if you're not interested in the display, I'd scratch that one and go with either the DS or BD.
  8. kuz6954

    kuz6954 New Member

    i have an 08 silverado, just ordered K&N 63 series intake, Airaid TB Spacer, and i am gunna go with the gibson super truck exhaust, unless someone can convince me otherwise. $390 for an all stainless exhaust is pretty reasonable.
  9. Ihtanni

    Ihtanni New Member

    $390?? What cab do you have? My stainless one's about $580, and that's not the one that exits both sides...
  10. cascott325

    cascott325 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    i know someone that used superchips, and im glad i didnt buy one b/c it decreased his gas milage on the economy setting. if and when i buy one, i am going with the bullydog trippl dog gas tuner due to the fact that it is interchangeable b/w chevy, ford, and dodge and it also comes with lifetime free upgrades.

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