Which AWD System does the Equinox/Torrent use?

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    ILVMYGT New Member

    What system does the new 2008 Equinox/Torrent use for their All Wheel Drive system? Is the Sport/GPX different from the other models? I am looking for a good snow car.

  2. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    Not sure what you mean by what AWD system the Equinox has? The way it works is the vehicle runs in FWD until the sensors detect wheel slippage( front )at which time power is sent to the rear wheels( through a transfer case to a rear differential ). You do not have any ability to manually engage the AWD. It is all automated with no driver manual option available. It is not an even distribution of power to all 4 wheels either. I believe I read it works out to approx 70% to the front and 30% to the rear. For on road driving conditions however it seems to work well.

    I have an 08 AWD myself( not sport model )and it was excellent this past winter in bad weather. Living in NH I have grown up in bad winter weather. I have always driven full sized 4WD trucks. I downsized to the AWD Equinox due to fuel costs. I have to say the Equinox handled on road bad weather driving every bit as good as my 4WD trucks ever did. I wouldn't take it off road( no way )but on road it is a great choice if you face winter weather.

    The differences between the Sport and standard models are engines( 3.4L standard / 3.6L sport )and transmission( 5 spd auto standard / 6 spd auto Sport ). The rest of the AWD system is the same and works the same regardless of what model. The Torrent and the Equinox are the exact same thing. A few cosmetic differences but the same platform and drivetrain.

    Just a note. The tires that come on the Sport and GPX models are not that great in bad weather. Actually, they are a lousy tire period. Goodyear Eagle RS-A 235/50ZR-18. They are also EXPENSIVE as all get out in that size to replace( for a decent tire - minimum $200 each ). The Sport/GPX does offer a lot more power and the 6 spd so it has advantages but the tire size and brand leaves a LOT to be desired in bad weather driving. Also, you will see slightly better MPG from a standard Equinox or Torrent.
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  3. russerts

    russerts New Member

    I'm trying to find some way to "fool" the AWD system, because on my 2005 Equinox, it requires the front wheels to really spin before the rears engage. This means you always spin the front wheels starting from a stop at a slippery intersection, and on a side hill, the front slips sideways before the car begins to move. Very irritating! I have threatened to get rid of the car (for over 4 years now) because of this quirk/fault.
  4. 2071amber

    2071amber New Member

    russerts, I have the same story. The all wheel drive system drives me crazy. Have you found any solutions to engage / switch on the rear wheels when needed?
  5. russerts

    russerts New Member

    Nothing yet. I still think that disabling the ABS sensor on one wheel might do it, but it seems pretty crude. I posted here thinking that someone might have the knowledge of the computer system that would allow us to find a place to apply voltage or interrupt a signal and convince the AWD to kick in.
    Hope springs eternal!
  6. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Any updates on this issue?
  7. russerts

    russerts New Member

    No news

    No new information here - I've just been learning to live with my frustration.

    ILVMYGT New Member

    Base on my information I got back in 2008, I bought a Ford Edge. I got tip from someone in the SKY Club that had an Saturn Outlook and hated it because of the way the AWD engaged. He got rid of the car after only a few months. The Edge has an assume AWD system that is smooth as silk. It transfers the power to rear wheel under hard acceleration so there is no torque steer. The AWL system manages traction on ice and snow without slipping. When you floor it from a standing stop on ice it just launches and run though the gears. We use the car for skiing 15 to 20 trips to the ski area a year.

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