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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Burden33, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Be careful with the Road Armour bumper company.I know someone that had a problem, and also I have been reading more reviews about them. Quite a lot of people have had problems about shelling out a bunch of cash for the bumpers, and never getting them. THEN having to CLAW AND FIGHT to get their money back and STILL not get the bumper. Be careful.
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    I'm liking the bottom truck (the F-15s add a nice touch). But one day I might do like Surreal and throw a hidden winch on my truck...that is if I can get rid of these elctrical demons :grrrrrr:.
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    Hopefully warn will come out with a hidde winch for the nnbs before I decide to get a fab four. To me it's the best, it comes with Hellas and is around the same price as most
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    I like the look of Surreal's truck. Even in person you can't tell that he has one mounted. As for the two you have pictured I like the second one. Although I am not sure I don't like the first one because of the truck or if I don't like the bumper. The truck looks like it drove through an Advances Auto with a crap magnet and mounted all the crap they have in the store. Another company you may want to look into to is TrailReady. I have used on of their bumpers in the past. The only complaint I have with the one I owned was with the paint/powder coating. If you look in my album you will see the one I owned.
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    Ok Ok So my spelling Sucks....

    Anyway here are some other bumpers to look at..

    Go Industries , Buckstop Truckware , Go Rhino , Hope this helps..

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    I think the stealth look on the truck on top is pretty bada**, but that is one of those beauty is in the eye of the beholder things. Whatever you decide post some pics. You know how we are are pics. can't get enough.
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    O man I really like that second road armor one alot!!

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