Which coolant and why?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Jeremy09LTZCrew, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. PantheraUncia

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    Well, if my truck is an example, I do all the fluid changes, regular maintenance and I expected major expenses (Transmission) to be allot farther out than it happened. And then the electrical stuff you use every day.... power lock switches, power seat adjuster, etc they leave allot to be desired at my millage because they all fail (On GM trucks), well cars too.
  2. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Yeah, I've chosen to ignore the imminent death of electrical. The electrical is what convinced me to get rid of my 1996 silverado. Everything else was solid, but that electrical system was crapping out all over and it wasn't worth the money to repair it. Once I get back to it I'm planning to go through and upgrade as much of it as I can. Maybe I can stave off the electical issues. I mean, as an electrical novice going through the guts of my truck, what bad could possibly happen?

    That being said, I'm in line with Surreal's thinking... If it fails, it's time to upgrade. That's what got my new wheels and what will get me a new hood. Granted those are aesthetic and a whole lot cheaper than an engine or tranny, but it can still work.
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    Moog's approach is overkill ... but it's also cheap insurance and makes some sense on a vehicle that's well outside of warranty.

    On the flip side:
    • If you plan to only go to the dealership while the vehicle is under warranty .... then stick with Dex-cool, as that'll ensure you aren't denied warranty coverage should something come up with the coolant system.
    • If you plan to continue going to the dealership after the warranty has expired ... then stick with Dex-cool, as that's what the dealership will want to put in it if coolant is needed.
    • If you plan to just add fluid to what's there ... then stick with Dex-cool as you know what's in there, why, and it's easy enough to just add more of the same.
    • If you're under half of your 150k/5yr marks plotted as the usable life of Dex-cool ... then stick with Dex-cool because you've got no reason to change.

    Basically, until you have some solid reason to do a complete coolant flush ... at a time when you're outside of warranty ... why change? There's no obvious upside to changing that I can see. Certainly Moog's approach allows you to just use the stuff that blends with either ... but what are you protecting yourself from by using it? Accidentally putting the wrong stuff in? How bad is it to remember to by the red (aka orange) stuff ... i.e. Dex-cool?

    Show me the upside to switching to the green stuff. I looked and couldn't find any upside. If I could have then I'd have done the flush and made the switch when I had 4gal of fluid out of the system, already, during the radiator change I recently did. But I'm still on Dex-cool because I saw no reason to switch. I am, however, still open-minded on the topic and, so, if someone can show me good, hard, fact-based evidence supporting the use of the green stuff over red stuff, I'm all ears.
  4. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    Honestly, my biggest reason for the flush in general is that if anything does go wrong, I'm not there to deal with it right now. So I'm much more in preventative maintenance mode than anything. Yes, I'm doing a bit of overkill, but it makes me feel better knowing it's the truck my kids are riding around in every day without me there at the moment to feel when something's off or address it.

    As far as the red vs green I don't have hard data there either, and in my brief research the other day I didn't come across the warranty issue. The warranty isn't something I'm willing to mess with right now while I still have it.

    Additionally, the truck is going to be taking a rather extensive road trip in jan/dec through the washington and oregon hills and mountains. I'll be flying directly into LAX for vacation so I won't be the one driving. Therefore, much of what I'm doing is in anticipation of making sure everything's as healthy as can be before that trip. Again, I know it's all overkill, but refreshing things isn't going to hurt the truck and might even help it a bit since it's about 60k in. Granted, something could break at any given time, including in the middle of that trip while crossing a pass, but I want it as sound as possible before leaving to reduce those chances.

    Lastly, I was told the truck has been a bit sluggish lately. That's about as much detail as I was about to get out of her. Therefore I'm hoping the fluids and filters will address whatever it is she's feeling as "sluggish."

    ALL of that being said, I could possibly be talked into skipping the coolant flush. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to do while everything else is getting refreshed.
  5. SurrealOne

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    Mileage on the vehicle?
  6. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    As of 31 August, 57,912.
  7. SurrealOne

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    Ok so you're under 1/2 the 150k miles the coolant is supposedly good for ... and your truck being an 09 bought in june of 09, it's just over half the expected 5yr life the coolant is supposedly good for. If it were me I'd fill the reservoir and call it a day ... and think about a flush and coolant type change when you're back here in the USA.
  8. moogvo

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    Fluids won't cause an engine to be sluggish. You probably need to clean the throttle plates on the throttle body. It is a simple task. Get some carb and choke cleaner and a rag. Take the air intake hose off, spray the cleaner into the throttle plate and wipe it out. The dealer will charge you 60 bux for this and it happens all the time.

    I tend to over maintain since I don't drive the truck often. I put about 2 to 3 thousand miles a year on my truck. Sitting is the worst thing a vehicle can do.
  9. SurrealOne

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    Good info!

    However, it's not so simple when your truck is in Washington state and you are in Afghanistan like Jeremy is. He really needs to get his wife to define what she feels is 'sluggish' ... by being more specific as to the when/how. Sluggish shifts? Sluggish acceleration? Sluggish what?!
  10. moogvo

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    Well, I think that at the end of the day, he is going to have to pretty much wait until he gets back if he wants to take care of it on his own. That is the down side of serving overseas... you are pretty much at the mercy of whatever shop it winds up in if it comes to that. It could be worse, you could have a skype session with your wife where she tells you that she bought a socket set at Wal Mart and has started rebuilding the engine when you notice that she has grease on her nose. LOL!

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