Which gear oil? 2005 yukon xl

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Pikey, May 15, 2013.

  1. steved

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    I bet the actual load on the R&P in a class 8 is less than that of a pickup...

    I've seen the scoring on the teeth of a R&P that had loads of use with 75w90, and then compared to mine that looked nicely polished at 275k using 75/85w140.
  2. Cowpie

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    You might have a point. Haven't really got into the technicals on loading of the R&P. But on the semi, it has to be an issue. When you take a considerably long time, crawling at 20 mph up mountain grades with 46K lb of steel in the box, on a really hot day, and there is considerable shifting with the associated torque fluctuations experienced in the drive train, and the engine is putting 1850 lb or more of torque out the back end, different transmission and differential ratios to deal with (in my semi, an Eaton 18 speed hooked up to 2.64 ratio Meritor 14X rears), etc, it is really hard to imagine a 2500 pickup pulling a camper, livestock trailer, etc, taking more of a beating. But it might actually be true that the loading is substantially different, so without any analysis one way or the other, I will concede you could be on the right track. Also, metallurgy differences could have contributed to conditions you experienced.

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