Which long tube headers?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by chevytruckman, Nov 22, 2009.

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    I got a 2004 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3L V8. It already has a Corsa Cat Back exhaust that exits out of the right rear passenger tires side with dual tips. Which long tube headers would you recommend? Thanks:great:
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    I've pondered the same thing. There are more than a few choices...

    Clear Image
    Doug Thorley
    And China's Best, OBX (can't find them on their site, only eBay)

    As far as which ones...hmm...I would recommend ceramic coated. I don't like how stainless rainbows and ceramic is better for performance and longevity. I'd also probably go for some with a matching cat'd y pipe so I could install it all myself, which is only the Clear Image ones. I don't know of anyone who has used the Clear Image headers, but the price for coated is the same as Dynatech's uncoated. Pacesetter didn't have a great reputation with the 3.8L supercharged crowd I came from, mainly because the crossover needed to be welded or else it leaked. I haven't heard about their truck headers. If having a y pipe with cats made by a shop was $300-$400, I would say the Hookers are a good deal.

    Any way you shake it, I would keep the cats (and EGR for that matter). 1) It's the law - regardless of your emissions testing or if you can "get away with it", removing emissions equipment is illegal. 2) Removing the cats will cause a check engine light and you will get worse mileage. 3) It isn't that much power loss. 4) It's better for the environment. I'm not a Prius driving tree hugger (not that the batteries in that thing are good for the environment) but I do what I can. Texas has emissions testing, so I have to have them anyway, but I do have the EGR from the valve covers to the carb on my '72. Sure, volcanos can and have caused more atmospheric pollution than humans ever have, but that's no reason to trash the place. Think of all the dew eyed aminals.
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    Living in the state of Ohio means inspection and smog test for me every other year, I went to the OHIO EPA board to ask about long tube headers and here is what they told me:

    "As long as you don't remove 02 sensors or catalytic convertors, and all of the emissions equipment is left in tact then you are fine. Also the catalytic convertor may not be moved forward or back more than 6" from original spot, they said it has something to do with the electronic emissions pickup."

    I have decided on a set of Dynatech long tubes for my 05' Silverado with the 6.0, and it's about the only long tubes that I can find that will pass inspection. The bad thing is the price, your talking around $1,500 for that setup. :happy:

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