Which plug wires are right?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by OldskoolGP, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. OldskoolGP

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    I was taking the plugs out of my engine just to see if they needed to be changed, and of course the first plug wire I piulled off tore off at the plug end. I recrimped the connector on whatwas left as best I could and the truck seems to run fine, but since then I occasionally get an SES light that wil eventually go away and the mileage seems to be down some, so I'm guessing my patch job didn't work as well as I'd hoped, so I need to get some new wires.

    Thing is, I just want some AC Delco wires and everywhere tells me there are two sets of possible wires denping on what the part number is on my coils. I can't see a part number on them from a visual inspection, and I really don't feel like taking them off the engine to find it. From the looks of it, it just looks like one set of wires is a bit longer than the other. Are there any other differences besides length?
  2. TritonBoulder47

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    Any reputable auto parts store will be able to get you the right wires just by what engine you have...
  3. Thomas Bennett

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    You really need the new plug wires, the computer is seeing a miss fire.
    Buy a $5 dollar spark plug boot remover to pull from as low as you can get on the rubber spark plug wire end.
    Get your flash light and climb up above the coil pack, the sticker with the part number should be on the top side or facing the fire wall. The wires are the same, it depends which fuel delivery system is in the truck. The longer set will work but they could have alot of slack in them, look for the label. Good luck.
  4. Thomas Bennett

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    Triton is right, find a good parts counter, I like Oreill. ID the engine, give the engine code to your parts man.
    The engine code is found in the trucks VIN number, It is the 8th digit from the left, this number or letter should help the parts man locate the proper wire set.
  5. Silverado1500

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    i bought wires about 2 weeks ago and they were a tad bit longer then the ones i had before. will this effect any performance?

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