Which roadside emergencies can you handle without a tow?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Jamm3r, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I have my small tool kit with screw drivers rachets and a small diagnostic plug in. also a pipe the has to uses a pull bar or a beatin stick.Along with 5 qt of oil,tranny fluid a thing of power steering fluid. For tires I have a bottle jack, 2 jack stands, wheel chalks,plug kit.Little things like gloves, fuses, some electrical supply's. have 3 tow straps,2 snatch blocks and a come along. Jumper cables and a jump starter.if I can't fix it I got a starter log and a sleeping back. There usually always fresh chopped wood n my truck

    eventually will have an OBA kit and then I should never get stranded
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    I keep a basic socket tool kit.(a metrinch set) A funnel, quart of oil, quart of trans fluid, gloves, a few multitools, and a bar of soap. The soap will seal a small gas tank leak quickly. I have used the soap on other peoples trucks often. I am kinda know for being a flashlight hoarder, so there is at least one flashlight in every door pocket or counsel. I am capable of changing a water pump or alternator if necessary on the side of the road. A few sockets is all that is really needed for that. I have no issue removing the belt with a socket and a ratchet. I could probably change a fuel pump on the road, but it would suck! I used to carry a few MRE's just in case. I would love to have a complete bugout bag like @SurrealOne
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