Which Tonneau Cover Should I Buy??

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Tdaz250, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Tdaz250

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    Hey all, im thinking about getting a tonneau cover for my truck. But i wanted some peoples input as to what to get. A friend of mine told me i should look into getting an 'Access Cover' so i went to the truck accessories store down the street and looked at it. It looks pretty nice, and they said its 500 installed. But then my dad told me that i shouldnt get a soft top cover because its going to 'rot out and get discolored' witht the weather. So i wanted to know peoples thoughts as to what to get, and anybody that has a soft cover let me know how yours has held up! i really just want all input, but its either i get a cheap soft top cover(like access or truxedo) or i go all out and get a fiberglass ARE or LEER tonneau cover. Thanks ahead of time for your responces!
  2. Scratch

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    Soft covers: Less expensive, but no security. Good brands are Extang and Truxedo. Both brands have several models.

    Fiberglass covers: They are nice because they are painted to match your truck. But, they have very little utility. For example, they are heavy, not supposed to be removed, can't stand on them. Prices start at about $900.

    Undercover: Great bang for your buck at about $650 to $680. Lightweight, easily removable, can have multiple people stand on it, has a 3 LED bedlight.

    Retractable covers: These covers retract into a roll up canister. Good brands include Retrax, TruckCoversUSA, RollNLock, Pace Edwards. Prices are about $950 to $1,400.

    Hard folding covers: These covers fold up and typically have two hinges. Good brands include FoldACover and Extang Solid Fold. The Solid Fold is pretty neat, there's no permanent hardware to install. You can install or remove the cover in about a minute. There is another folding cover called a Bakflip. I do not recommend this cover.

    Hope that helps!
  3. dwill3015

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    I have a Truxedo Truxport roll-up soft cover and am pleased with it. I have had it on my truck for 1-1/2 years and through 2 winters with snow plied high and it still looks great! Rolls up tight behind the cab in seconds to give you full use of the cargo area. I paid around $169 from a dealer on Ebay.
  4. woody85ss

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    tonneau cover

    i got a 1995 chevytruck and i have a extang coner and iam very pleased with it
  5. sdpbob

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    I got a leer fiberglass one and its nice, but the only thing about it I dont like it that fact that if whatever Im putting in the back in taller then the bed I cant close the cap which blows.
  6. Never Enough

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    The soft tonneaus will not rot if you buy a good brand. Besides, if it does, Access has a lifetime warranty. I've had soft covers on my trucks here in Michigan for over five years without any sign of wear....
  7. Sooner

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    Here's my tonneau cover of choice and what I have on my truck now: http://www.extang.com/docs/fulltilt.html. In my opinion, the best bang for the buck. A hinged soft top with gas shocks that is extremely versatile and seals up well. It is not as secure as a hard top. However, I've never seen a tonneau cover that couldn't be broken into with a little effort. As for soft tops rotting out, you can probably buy three of these for the amount of money you would spend on a hard top. I don't think the hard top would make it that long.

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  8. Tdaz250

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    Im kinda starting to lean towards getting an undercover, anyone know anything about those? by that i mean like, anyone got one and have some ups and downs about it?
  9. Scratch

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    The only important thing about it is make sure it is in the proper position (read the instructions!). Other than that, it's a great cover.
  10. jeff5581

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    Pro's: Looks good, secure, quick removal

    Cons: Price, Warranty (only 3 or 5 year), bulky-easy to remove but you need a helper
    My biggest Con: if you are far from home and want to buy something and it wont fit, your screwed!

    i have had GREAT luck with my roll up Truxedo. I have the lo pro QT model so you an remove the "tarp" in about 2 seconds if you want to take it off. No tools needed to install or remove the cover. as far as security, it keeps the honest people out. If somebody wants in, they will get in no matter what kind of cover you have.

    Check these guys out-Local shop in my area that have always taken care of me and it looks like they are selling online now. and i just found a picture of my truck on their site with the cover! note the rubber seals in the corner by the tailgate. Truxedo is the only company i have seen yet with that kind of seal setup.


    hope this helps!

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