which wires do i tap amp into?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by burbalex6.0, Jun 11, 2009.

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    well i wired up my subs and tapped the signal into the stock sub wiring harness just above the stock sub since I realized there were no output ports in the back on the stock deck. But i just realized why my subs r sooo loud when my amp is all the way down: its getting power from the stock amp too.
    soooo, which wires should i tap my amp into so they dont get boosted by the stock amp? i located about 50 wires by the front left speaker where the parking brake is, but which ones do i tap into?
    pics would be much appreciated
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  3. leadpan101

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    if you are using an amp to run you subs, the power from you stock amp should be passing through you aftermarket amp. maybe you taped into wrong wire or you got them backwards (as far as + and - )
  4. burbalex6.0

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    alright, i got it figured out.
    i talked to my local car audio guy and he told me that the way i had it hooked up (by tapping the rca cables into the stock sub signal wire in the back) the signal was getting boosted by the stock amp. so he helped me re-route the wires that are the input to the amp to the back of the head unit. he showed we a green and brown set of wires to use that were for the front left speaker and not the subwoofer. this way, the stock amp was not boosting the signal and my amp would filter out the low pass bass-hits.

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