Whistling Noise when I Accelerate!!

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  1. Hey everyone yesterday I installed aftermarket stereo in 2010 silverado and after we finished installing and the radio is low when I accelerate I hear like a whistling noise kinda coming thru speakers ... The harder I press the gas the louder the sound ... Has anyone had this problem or simila and know what to do ?!!! Any feedback would e great
  2. dobey

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    Does it happen when the stereo is completely off, or only when it's on?
  3. zigger215

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    Did you put in just a deck or did you add an amplifier? Is your deck properly grounded? And last but not least did you use the correct harness kit.
  4. i have to see if it happens when the radio is off ..i know it happens when it is lowered all the way but if it happens with radio completely off ill have to get back to you and yes i also installed an amp and we did use the correct harness kit
  5. Skippy

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    My first reaction to this is "You don't have your wires properly shielded." Electrical interference is likely with unshielded wiring.

    In addition to what others have said (e.g. poorly grounded, wrong harness kits)

    A couple of things that could also contribute:
    1) This would be especially true if you happened to install poor grade spark cables. Speaker wires are thinly shielded anyway... poor electrical system shielding on the engine might be a potential culprit.
    2) High performance spark plug wires, that are actually WIRES... These are typically expensive and almost always not great for electronic ignition systems. Modern plug wires are carbon fiber cables that transfer electricity. True copper wire cables do a better job, but the cost is massive electronic interference (possibly even disrupting the injector pulsing). While this is a possibiliy (why I'm bringing it up), I think it unlikely, because you'll usually hear clicking or pulsing, rather than constant noise.

    3) Running the speaker wires parallel and in close proximity to other electrical system wiring. Electricity generates a magnetic field. If the electrical current from your car's system is running parallel to the sound system wiring, you'll likely have cross-contamination. The field generated by the car wiring will interfere with the signal, causing a whine, screech, or "noise." The solution here is to move the wiring away from the car's electrical system wiring, add more shielding, or only get near the wiring at perpendicular angles. BTW, if you've "coiled" wire (like if you had a bunch of excess) near the amp, you might be getting signal interference as well.

    Hope this may trigger something in the install that may be causing it.

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  6. SurrealOne

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    Poor grounds are the most common cause for whistling sounds in the audio system...
  7. thanks everyone for the feedback ..unfortunately i wont be able to fix this problem well hope to fix it lol till next saturday cause im to busy with work mon - fri .. (and the sound does also happen when radio is completely off)
  8. The power cable is just running Under my good to battery .. I know sometimes they run the plastic covering over it .. Could that be the problem ?
  9. zigger215

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    I've covered this in another thread awhile back. DC circuits do not create the same type of magnetic field that causes harmonic distortion (signal interference). There is NO shielding on speaker wire, just insulation. Same with all your power and ground conductors in the vehicle. The reason nothing in a car is shielded is because automotive electrical engineers already know there is no such thing as a harmonically distorting magnetic field from Direct Current.

    Everyone feel free to argue it if you want but it's useless, I'll sight this info if you want.

    Surreal is correct. Your issue is coming from a grounding problem. The reason I asked if you installed an amp is just that. Amps want good grounds, they will make you pay for it if you don't ground them correctly. The reason grounding is so important is because of the theory behind DC. Current on a DC circuit flows from the negative terminal on a battery to the positive. So everything starts with the ground and moves toward the positive then starts back over from the ground, it's a loop startin a the ground. If you have a bad ground then your entire system is affected.

    What is your amp running? Subs or your mids and tweets? What was the harness part number and what is the trim level of your truck?

    There are many solutions to this problem, just need all the info.

    PS. That plastic covering is called loom, it has nothing to do with signal clarity, I recommend it though as it does protect against heat and abrasions.
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  10. Yes my amp is running all of those .. It was in my last truck (jeep commander) and I didn't have this problem

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