Who has a programmer for an 04 and older silverado?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Tdaz250, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Tdaz250

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    Just wondering who on here has a programmer for there 04 and older silverado, and if its worth it. Most of the chip reviews i see the guy is has in 07,08 or 09 truck. Just wondering if its actually worth it to get it for the older silverados. I know programmers really wake up the 07 and newer ones.
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Who has a programmer for an 04 and older silverado

    Diablo makes a great programmer for your truck. Go to Diablosport.com. and click on products and then Preditor, it will ask for your truck info and than it will show everything you can adjust with it. Does more than any Hypertech or Superchips. The Diablo lets YOU fine tune it for your truck and its easy to use.
  3. spazzoid13

    spazzoid13 Rockstar

    I have a Hypertech and im fairly sorry i bought it. would like to get my money back on it, but dont think thats going to happen. ><
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Who has a programmer for an 04 and older silverado

    Hey Spazzoid13, How long have you had programmer. If its less than 30days they should take it back. If you purchased it from other than Hypertech maybe that retail store will exchange it. Try a Diablo Preditor. Im sure you will like it.
  5. Toolman

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    My $$ went to Justin of Black Bear Performance for a custom tune. It's not installed yet as it's someplace between here and there on the big brown race truck.

    So far, good communications and quick on the trigger with e-mails.

    I'll be sure to post after install and relearn process is complete.

    BTW, mine is an '02
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  6. Tdaz250

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    Did you get a PCM custom tune? Let me know how it goes. Im just debating weather to get a tune or not, if everyone with slightly older trucks see no difference then theres no point in me wasting 200-400 bucks.
  7. Toolman

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    After collecting data here and other sources I opted for Bear Performance custom tune and paid the Xtra 100 bucks to keep my OEM PCM. From what I learned, the earlier vehicles benefit more from a custom tune than canned tunes. Later models may benefit more as handheld technoligy increases over time...dunno. My decision wasn't about cost, it was about quality and reliabilty. I was ready to spend what ever I needed to get the performance increase. I spent the same for a custom tune as I would for a hand programmer and got what I wanted, not what the handhelds tell me I want. I believe if a custom tune was $600 I probably would have still gone that route.

    I realize there are handhelds out there that do allow more specific fine tuning programming but I made my decision and sticking to it. I don' t have the knowledge or diagnostics to fool around with fuel management, ignition curves and timing advances and retarding and , and , and....so-on.

    I've always done quite a bit on my own but sometimes you just have to pay the "guy" who has the knowledge base. That's why people come to me for precision machining.. 'cause that's what I do and have the equipment and experience.

    The next step will be a set of 1.85 ratio rockers that will bolt on without changing the valve springs, retainers etc.
  8. psu7104

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    I just bought a Diablo Sport Predator for my 04' Silverado,I took out my Jet Stage 1 Chip (that I'm now regretful that I ever bought) and installed the 87octane tune for now and I'm extremely happy with the results even after 2 days. If you want a tune on your truck look in to the custum tunes or just get you a diablo, you'll love it.

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