Who's got a DVD System / Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

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  1. first be

    first be New Member

    I have a by-passed double din in the burb with a drop down lcd for the kids in the rear...keeps the kids entertained...i also have a separate dvd player with a drop down lcd in the truck.
  2. sotto66

    sotto66 New Member

    Have factory DVD/navig. unit and rear entertainment system in my 2009 Buick Enclave. Rear using only on long overnight vac. trips. It keeps me awake. My son is watching and I am listening only. I think, it is BOSE system.
    Nothing fancy in my Sierra thou.
  3. partssource1

    partssource1 Member

    I had a aftermarket one in my 03 suburban that I put in myself all Fahrenheit AM FM CD DVD with 7inc power slid screen and a 10 inc flip down out of a custom built over head consul for the rear seat. I hope to put one in the new truck soon
  4. EricP_in_KY

    EricP_in_KY New Member

    I have rear DVD with a drop-down screen in my '03 Odyssey, factory install...wouldn't do without it when driving kids. I'm planning to install headrest monitors and DVD in my '99 Silverado, trying to find a way to put a double-DIN unit in the dash, since I can't seem to find any place that still makes the DIN and a half units. Thanks, GM, for being different than the rest of the world! :grrrrrr:
  5. Humbledad

    Humbledad New Member

    Have a factory installed system in our 2003 Tahoe. Since the kids have grown up, it's rarely used.
    But if I had to sit back there and take a long trip, I'd like it.
    I believe that with todays ipads, etc. The need for these systems will go.
  6. dgrogger

    dgrogger New Member

    I have an aftermarket DVD setup in my 99 Suburban. In dash it has a JVC KD-DV6200 receiver with a flip out 7" in dash screen. The second row has a Jensen/Audiovox VOD85 drop down 8.5" monitor with DVD player. The third row has a JVC KM-700 (7" screen).
  7. moogvo

    moogvo Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I have a '97 Express High top Conversion van. the entertainment system is not exactly factory... the infrastructure was installed at the time the van was upfitted by Rocky Ridge conversions. When I got the van, it had a VHS deck in the overhead compartment and a 13" CRT TV. I decided that it could be better, so I made some changes, but first, the questions:

    1) Do you have an entertainment system in your vehicle?

    2) If so, what do you have? Factory or aftermarket? Installed or portable?
    Upfitter/aftermarket - Installed.

    3) Do you use it? How often? How important of an option is it overall?
    Every time we set out on a journey with the kids. We only use the van for longer trips.

    The upfitter package came with rear speakers and headphone jacks all around. I kept that as it was. I wanted to install a DVD player as well, but it had to be one that could be controlled from the front seat so there weren't a bunch of kids getting up to mess with the thing while the van was in motion.

    Here is a shot of the TV in the overhead:

    It is a standard, garden variety 12V color TV. I was going to replace it with an LCD, but the CRT picture is much better in my opinion. The first thing the van needed was some overhead lighting since there were no overhead lights that came on when the doors were opened. I went to Lowe's and got some low voltage landscape lighting and mounted them inverted for that scaunce/theatre feel:


    At night, in operation:

    here's a shot of all of the lights in the "theatre" lit up:


    The next step was installing a DVD player that could be controlled from the "Flight Deck". I found a 1/2 DIN sized model on eBay for $99.00 including shipping. I installed it in dash under the aftermarket stereo by modifying an aftermarket installation kit:


    I don't have a shot of it, but I mounted a 3" LCD up front next to the passenger's side sun visor so that the passenger can see the menus to operate the DVD player. Also not pictured is the 1.5TB Western Digital hard drive and video converter in the overhead compartment which is connected to the inputs on the DVD player to watch movies and videos that are stored on it. The system is controlled by remote and can be operated from any seat in the "house".

    This van is a behemoth, but there's nothing like going to Grandma's house without ever leaving the living room!

    I present... The Roadship Enterprise:


    I would like the next upgrade to be a self tracking satellite antenna on the roof with a dual receiver DVR. The antenna is the only hold back at $2800.00.

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  8. Schooly

    Schooly New Member

    I have the factory rear DVD entertainment system for my 2004 Sierra SLT Duramax. The kids use it all the time though sometime they don't agree on a program - still a worthy investment.

    My head unit actually just died (the rear DVD still works with headphones though!) and I'm looking at OEM vs. Aftermarket. I want to keep all the functionality (steering wheel controls, rear radio & DVD and chimes). Does anyone have a link that could provide good information/direction on an aftermarket replacement? I'm currently looking at e-bay for an OEM replacement, then having the dealer re-program for $40.
  9. ed09

    ed09 New Member

    annybody got experiences with the chinese aftermarket stuff
    they look ok , and they got everything on it , and that only
    for around 400 dollars us
  10. MPclk2006

    MPclk2006 Rockstar

    Dont know how late I am to this, I have a DVD player on my truck with three screens, the head unit and 2 seat rests...aftermarket, the drivers side screen always messes up and does not work, last time I used them was over a year ago when we moved from TX to NY....

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