why a chevy truck?

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  1. Conlan Rose

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    well alot for ford v8s begin to go after 200,000 miles they just arnt built as well. dodges idk really because most people that ik who've had a dodge 350 traded it in at 150,000. and the reason most chevy fan dont like the competition is because they talk big and try to look better but they cant back it up in the field. also chevrolet as a company just has a unique pride and dedication with their fans. they care about their fans they care about the heritage. chevy has a unique culture that other companys would dream about. also we pretty much invented the full size truck and full size suv.
  2. Dakota1820

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    I've seen some high mileage fords and some REALLY high Chevy's. Dodges I've seen high but usually with a newer engine and a tranny or two or 5 lol. That's my own personal experience. What are some common issues with Chevy trucks? I've heard the 700r4 wasn't very good and I've heard the ten bolt. Rearend wasn't to strong is that true or just someone blowing smoke?
  3. Conlan Rose

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    common issues are usually electrical and some water pump issues. usually there isnt a problem with a rearend unless it wasn't fully maintained. same with tranny i have the 700r4 and it shifts perfectly. main problems usually stem from poor maintenance i was luck the person i bought my Tahoe from was a used car dealer it was his personal vehicle so it was really well maintained and is in great shape.
  4. Dakota1820

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    Waterpump isnt a big deal
    To me it almost maintenance after awhile. you expect. That stuff to go eventually. Usually winter time in mo. Shows weak batteries and water pumps. I check my Saturn's once a week probably to make sure it isn't leaking the car had 193788 on it and has the original water pump. (Knocking on wood as we speak) so the 700r4 and the 10bolt really aren't all that bad as long as you maintain them? So are they more prone to failure if neglected I assume? I've never personally drove a Chevy with alot of weight in the bed so this may be a dumb question but do they hold a load like a ford? I remember my dads old ford wouldn't squat very easy and I remember my grandpa's 95 ram club cab short bed 2wd with the whole bed loaded up with bags of mulch and it would scrape the trailer hitch over bumps. Not sure how much. Weight he had but I guess it was a lot. The bed. Wasn't filled to the top but probably. One bag below the top of the bed.
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    I'll toss my $0.02 in....

    Looks are obviously subjective, but I think Chevys look the best.

    IFS vs. solid front axel is a debate that could go on forever. From a ride/ handling standpoint, IFS wins hands down. For really heavy duty type use, I'd probably give the nod to solid front axel.

    The GM power plant is legendary, not even worth the debate. And the 305, by the way, is a great engine. It loses power up top pretty quick, so for stuff like towing heavy trailers it may not be the best choice, but it is fuel efficient comparatively speaking, and very reliable. Had one in my Formula and beat the snot out of it. Never skipped a beat. One thing to think about when comparing engines; go to any marina, boat dealer, boat manufacturer, etc. and pop the hatch on any power boat. 98% of them will have a GM block motor. Marine environment is extremely abusive. You could absolutely beat the tar out of an engine in a motor vehicle, and it wouldn't be close to the amount of abuse a marine engine takes.

    The 700R4 tranny is admittedly getting a little long in the tooth, however it is a more than adequate transmission. I've owned boats for the last 16 years and done a lot of towing with a 700R4....never once had an issue.

    You could go to any manufacturers forum on the web and present the same question and each and every one is going to paint a picture as to why their trucks are the best, and in all honestly, they probably all have their high and low points. One thing I will say unequivocally is that a Chevrolet will ride/drive the best bar none. And the interiors of that era will be the nicest, most comfortable and most ergonomic.

    Do yourself a favor and go look at a few trucks of that late 80s-early 90s era and compare them. May be tough to find a Dodge cause their bodies all rotted out long ago. Drive them. The Ford front end linkage, balljoints, etc will be shot. The Dodge will be like driving a tank...rough, unrefined, out dated, fuel pig, etc. The Chevrolet will be the most welcoming inside by far, the body will still be holding up the best, the front end will still be nice and tight.....just a much nicer vehicle. Ford and Dodge have finally caught up, but those older trucks, the Chevys were miles ahead of the game.

    Again, incase I haven't made my point about the engines, I've owned one 305, one 325, five 350s, one 377, two 454s, and one 496 and they are all phenomenal motors.

    Good luck! :glasses:
  6. Conlan Rose

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    my point exactly old chevys are king and so are the new ones and hauling load there isnt a problem.
  7. Dakota1820

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    Is that why alot of people say Chevy trucks are like cars because they ride and look nicer. If iI had a quarter everytime I heard sisomeone say that I would be rich
  8. Corso

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    Couldn't tell ya....? Never once heard that in my life.
  9. Jimmeh

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    Now I'll throw my two cents in...

    I have owned Ford, Dodge and Chevy. Honestly, I love the ride of the Chevy, but I really do miss my Dodge. Both trucks had about the same power stock (though my Dodge was a regular cab short bed and the Chevy is an ex cab short bed), but the Dodge was a work horse. Not saying that my Chevy isn't, but I wasn't afraid to beat the tar out of the Dodge because it could handle it. I don't know where these guys are getting the whole rotting body thing, but I do know that the second gen trucks had a hard time keeping the clear coat on them. The 318 mated with a 5 speed manual will get you where you want to go without a trip in its step. Again though, those second gens are notorious for having automatic transmission failures.

    Now, I haven't mentioned Ford yet because well, I will honestly say I am not the biggest fan. I still own my Ford Ranger and while it hasn't been a terrible truck, it has left me stranded a few times. My dad has been a Ford guy all his life, and I remember him always under the hood of his trucks working on something or another. I think Ford cares about their customers just as much as Chevy, which is probably why they have been the best selling truck for all these years.

    IMO, the last place I asking which truck to buy is on a brand specific forum. I would personally go to used car lots and find the same year of truck or something in that generation, and ask to test drive them (all three brands). That way you have a better idea of what to look for. By all means, search this forum for maintenance threads and what not, or even ask a few questions, but you are going to get a biased answer from any brand specific forum.

    If I had $1500 and could get an early to mid 90's truck with that, I wouldn't hesitate to get another Dodge. My second choice would definitely be Chevy though.
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  10. Dakota1820

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    Really?? Maybe because I grew up with mopar and ford fanatics. They always said it has a bowtie so suit and tie people would drive them so they made them softer and plushier. I had it beat into me practically that Ford's are for work Chevy's are for ritzy high class business men and dodges were for senior citizens. Everybody in my home town drives ford trucks to so you can see where my knowledge comes from. I had a 91 silverado for a short time 350 4wd I liked it the only thing I was sort of disappointed in was to me it seemed like it squated to easy. I had a ford truck in high school but I never once. Loaded anything in it . I pulled a few things and was very dissapointed in it pulling ability. 5000 and had it on the floor and would lose speed on hills and barely make it up. The Chevy had about 1000 lbs in the back and you could tell that it was sitting a little lower. Maybe my expectations are to high in not sure.

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