why a chevy truck?

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    On the GM vs Ford, the Fords were not the new model. GM used the model before the upgrade. Autoblog or someone had a behind the scenes on the test and disregarded it. I don't perfer one over the other. I looke for condtion and what I need it for. You see less older Dodges because Chevy and Ford were making 400k or more a year and Dodge was 65-75k a year. Having worked at a Chrysler dealership 17 years, rust was never an issue. The tranny issue came up after the put the overdirve unit on the trans and put the pawl gear there. Took a bullet proof tranny and messed it up. Check issues with any brand you consider, Dodge for instance from 94-99 check for coolant leak (nr1 or nr8 missfire) caused by poor metal casting allowing coolant to leak through the heads onto the plug wire. Also check oil consumption, plenum gasket leaking oil inside the engine. I sure if you check Chevy and Ford has things to look for like the 4.3L vortec with nr3 on the crank ground wrong allowing a knock that was only repaired if the customer complained. I have a Chevy because I was owed a few thousand dollars and I gave the man 3k in credit for what he owed me. But, I really like the Suburban.
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    I will now add my 2 cents.

    I've owned 2 Fords (73 & 00), 1 Dodge (99) and 3 Chevrolets (83,05,08) Toughness? Well, it was different with the older trucks. Take my 73 Ford. The thing was a beast. Had a 390 FE block, but I was constantly under the hood. Now granted, the truck was 30 years old, but the quality of the engine sucked. Rebuilt the engine 4 times in about six years. It had the twin I-beams...I put new ones on it and had constant alignment issues even after I replaced almost every front end component on it. Then, I bought my 83 Silverado w/ a 350. It had been owned by one man who had only put about 15,000 miles on it. I threw a rod on the highway at 75 mph. I drove it the remaining 20 miles home at about 55. After getting a new short block with upgrades, it still runs like a top today. My 17 year old nephew has it and puts it though hell. Bought the 99 Dodge. I went through 3 transmissions before it hit 25,000 miles. That year, with some others has a known issue of the trans fluid draining out of the torque converter and then seals failing. I also burned up at least 5 torque converters. Sure, it had an awesome 360 that would perform well, but didn't pull worth a crap. Tried to give Ford another try and bought a 2000 model with a V6 and 5 speed manual. Constantly had problems with it. The truck hit 15,000 miles and I replaced the coil packs. Kept fouling spark plugs, had electrical issues and had to replace the trans at 50,000 miles. Got my 05 Chevy...just got rid of it two months ago for the 08. Never had one problem with it and I put 55,000 miles on it in a little over 2 years. It had the 4.3L Vortec V6 and a 5 speed manual. Even though the 6 doesn't have as much power as the 305 or 350, I pulled my friends 2500 Z71 out of a mud pit and my Chevy was just 2WD. The ride was nice, had plenty of power and good fuel economy. The parts were readily available and in some cases, I could use parts from a GMC if I needed to. It was easy to work on and didn't require near the work that any of the Fords or Dodge did.

    There are pros and cons about every manufacture. Each one makes a decent truck...but the cons sometimes outweigh the pros with each one. For me, after having so many problems with the two Fords and one Dodge I had, I decided that I wouldn't own anything other than a Chevrolet. Like everyone says, it's as American as apple pie...and you don't see them using Mike Roe to sell their trucks in malls. Those adds make them look desperate, IMHO.

    Everyone took some type of bail out. What money do you think the feds use to buy those vehicles? Yup...our tax dollars.
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    Yea but that's different. That's better than getting a huge amount of cash and not giving anything in return.
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    To get back on topic. I'm buying an older truck. So the bailout doesn't mean to much. What about Chevy is better? What do they do to trucks to make then tougher?
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    I think alot of the older trucks depedability lies heavily on how they were maintened.We had a '79 4wd GMC that ran like a top until my dad totaled it early 2000.It was his main driver for several years along with bein used as a farm truck.Dad is a firm believer of oil changes every 2500-3000,keeping the vehicle and interior clean,and most importantly when something is wrong ya fix it right.Now I know of several farmers that run older Fords and Dodges that practice what dad does and their vehicles are still goin.

    A co-worker recently bought a 2001 Dodge 4x4 and hates it.Lots of frontend problems and says it wont pull a trailer nearlly as well as his Z71 Chevy did.Dad got a Ford Expedition and a 4 door 4x4 Ford a couple years back.They both drive and handle just as well as my Z71 did.I may be beat fer this but I really feel on the older trucks it just depends on your preferance.

    In the last 10 yrs I've owned a '88 custom stepside(got it in '90),93 suburban,and a '97 Z71.The '88 lost it's engine at 100,000 miles.Then the tranny went out at 130,000.The 'burb lost it's transmission around 200,000 as did the Z71.Hopin the '01 Tahoe I just got doesn't follow the same trend as the others.
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    Do you know what failed in the 88 motor? Was it a 350. I grew up with fords and dodges and I know my dad beat the snot out of his old f150 I'm not sure how it didn't break.
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    Let's be honest . We drive Chevy's cause we like the Bowtie .
    Plain and simple.
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    Why do you like the bowtie? The heritage or the style? Or whatever eelse
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    i drive a 2000 silverado ls single cab short bed with over 190,000 miles on it. has never had a bolt turned on the engine or transmission. the only work needed was a blower motor for the a/c a while back. oh and the build quality will almost always be better with chevrolet. my dad drives a 2008 ram 2500hd and yes the cummins engine will never die but that truck has twice the spot rust as mine, the seats are thin and flimsy, the interior is plasticky and cheap and it shakes and rattles over every bump. the interior and exterior in the silverado is and will always be of a better quality. not to mention they run forever. i expect my truck to get at least another 100-150k at which point ill swap the motor and keep driving.
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    The Bowtie puts it right up front and then again on the tailgate signifying whether you are coming or going you see American tradition and spirit
    like baseball and apple pie.
    Lately like baseball the "new GM" is being led down a path unlike the tradition they are known for.
    I drove a '63 Chevrolet pickup w/ 292 and 4 speed( with granny gear) over 300,000 miles replaced one starter and one valve cover gasket.
    Yes, of course I replaced regular maintenance items but other than the quarter panel rust in front of doors it was undoubtably the best dang truck I have ever owned.

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