Why are you a GM man?

Discussion in 'POLLing place' started by Highmarker, May 23, 2011.

  1. Highmarker

    Highmarker Rockstar

    Why do you drive a GM?

    Were you always born a Chevy man and you haven't driven anything else?
    Were you a Ford/Dodge/Toyota man and for one reason or another switched? Why?
    Did you perform market research and determined that Chevy was best for you?

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    For me, personally I like to look of the Dodge trucks, but I have always like the Chevy power and quality. I have owned a '98 Dodge Ram 1500, but I have always been around and interested in Chevy.

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    Can someone make this into a poll? I can't seem to figure it out or maybe I don't have enough posts under my belt.
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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Years ago I tried the others and went back to GM forever. Also when I was a SnapOn tool distributor I went to all the dealerships and I would go into Ford and Dodge dealers service departments and there would be brand new trucks/cars, some with as little as 150 miles on them and the engines would be out laying on the shop floors.This was a regular thing at Ford and Dodge, it was very rare at the GM dealers. Even the Ford mechanics hated the Fords.LOL. I also like GM's stylings.
  3. dsfloyd

    dsfloyd Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I wont lie, I like the larger size of the F250, solid front axle, but when shopping it was the interior comfort (seating comfort). we will do long trips and its much better in the chevy than a ford (dont worry I still rip on the Fords to all the ford guys). I've had multiple chevy's, fords and toyotas (my 1990 toyo 4x4 kicked arse, but obviously not that much interior room. I love my chevy and always liked them but wish it had a SFA and I could fit 37's no problem with a 6-8" lift like the ford. I've always liked the chevys though(starting with my dads 79 lifted K20 when I was growing up).
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  4. Crispyt

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    I guess i've always liked chevy because my dad had a '79 Custom Delux flatbed with a 454. After that he got a '95 C1500 4.3. (My truck now). He owns a dodge now but I guess it's because I grew up with a chevy that I like them. Plus my truck has over 230k and still runs great. For me they have always been reliable and always get me where I need to go.
  5. hoosyurdaddy

    hoosyurdaddy Rockstar

    Im a toyota man but the chevy`s are more affordable,easier to work on and have cheaper,more available parts.
  6. marko54

    marko54 Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    The below picture is the reason i am a GM man and will never own a FORD again. This 2002 ford excursion with the 7.3 powerstroke was supposed to be the baddest SUV built. bad isnt the word.One night while eating dinner, i heard a roar coming from my attached garage. when i opened the side door,the Excursion was Engulfed in flames along with my garage and contents. if this happened while i was asleep, i wouldnt have lived to type this. Enough reason to never own a Ford again? I think so!

  7. Mr. Sierra

    Mr. Sierra Member

    My father was an Oldsmobile man... I remember the Olds 88 in the garage, spotless with an air conditioner that formed ice on the vents. It must have been a 60, 61 model. From there he bought a Bonneville Station Wagon for the family. He was an aircraft mechanic, so all his vehicles were maintained all the time. That Bonneville lasted him 25 years before he bought a Chevy Truck.

    I at the age of 21 bought an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme '72 model. It was blue with a ragtop. I repainted it white and stripped off the vinyl rag-top. It had a 350 4bbl carb. When you punched it your head would be in back seat. But I treated it like a 70 year old grandma, always driving it easy. Except when I had to punch it or was pissed at some driver ahead of me.

    I then bought an old Ford 1973 150 truck for my carpentry business, it ran fine. But still had GM blood in me. I purchased a new Chevy Cavalier in 87 for gas mileage and drove that thing into the ground. Then a 85 or 86 Sonoma, which ran great until one day the outside rubber oil line broke and ceased the engine. Never in my life had I owned a car with a rubber oil line outside of the motor. I replaced it with a 99 GMC Sierra, which has been nothing but trouble for me.

    So being that I don't like government controlled companies, my next buy will unfortunately have to be a Ford 150 truck.... I don't want to do it, but Obama has given me no choice. I'm a GM person at heart so this one will hurt.

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    This is gonna sound cheesy, but just like Chevy's new advertising slogan, "Chevy runs deep" in my family. My father had a 63 Bel air wagon as his first car, and he would probably still have it today if he didn't get t-boned by an old lady way back when. From there he had a bunch of chevy vans up until the mid 90s when he switched over to the Tahoe, and our family has had 4 different Tahoes since. My grandfather has an 09 Buick Lacrosse and an 85 Chevy Van 10, and my uncle has an 02 sierra. So, it was only fitting I continue the tradition and get a Chevy truck of my own :money:.
  9. donl

    donl Rockstar 100 Posts

    Honestly I have had more Ford pickups than Chevrolets and have owned about all of the domestic cars in the last 35+ years of vehicle ownership. They both make a good pickup. Never had a Jap Trap and never will. I bought my present Silverado off the lot because it happened to have exactly what I wanted when I was looking to trade my 2007 Acadia. I was all ready to get a new Buick LaCrosse but because of the government bailout I now have a 2011 Taurus. GM was not going to get my money twice. It would be nice to see GM pay back all the money back because I'm getting the pickup trading itch again.
  10. sgtsjj

    sgtsjj Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    In my opinion there is nothing else.... there was no weighing options or anything at all I knew I wanted a silverado, I can not stand ford I've seen to many things go wrong on them my dads had fords all his. Me personally it doesn't matter if another company makes a truck that is 1 million times better than a GM truck I still wouldn't touch it with a 500foot pole.

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