Why can't Chevy make a Raptor fighter?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by mrbrown88, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. the phantom

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    2012-10-14_14-17-26_818.jpg I saw my chevy version of the craptor. I call it "the Phantom" would just have to add some horses.
  2. yotchie

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    i think chevy should have an available pre runner type of package that any dealership will install or have a dedicated shop to install it complete with factory warranty. i think dodge did something like that. i think that would be the way to go. they could have different levels of the kit.
    level one could be just suspension wheels tires and flares, level two could be level one plus bumpers and lights, level 3 would be the first 2 plus some power adders either through gm performance or again aftermarket but still with gm warranty.
  3. the phantom

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    The conversion companys that gm uses such as Rocky Ridge and Southern comfort conversions do just that. Your factory warranty remains intact. If there is a problem with anything the conversion company installs or has caused to fail the conversion company mirror images gm's warranty and covers it. This is why I bought mine this way. There is an official GM website that lists the companies that are by contract required to warranty. Heres the link: http://www.gmfleet.com/specialty-vehicles/locate-manufacturer.html

    If your vehicle is under normal warranty. Then whatever caused a problem it is for GM and the specialty vehicle manufacturer to hash out wich one of them is going to pay for what.
    I spent a lot of time researching this with a lot of dealers telling me my warranty was void due to what was done to my truck. Little did they know that these aftermarket companies have contract with GM.
    Im sure most of the utility bodies put on brand new trucks dont have their warranty void as soon as the body is put on. Im also sure if the body has a problem or caused a problem that GM. itself would not warranty it.
  4. McClintoc

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    Quite often I have thought exactly like the OP, why is there no Raptor- or Lightening-fighter from GM? But, I answer my own question much like has already been stated in this thread: buy your own entry-level truck and then mod it to your desires.

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