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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DonC, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I have owned GM products all my life starting with a 55 stepside I learned to drive around the feild.I bought a new 79 stepside when I got my first job and loved it. Since then a 83 s10 2.8 (crap) 90 s15 4.3 ( loved it.),91 sierra extenda cab Another great truck , put 250000 Km on it with no issues ever,95 silverado stepside (still have it)Then the hell started with a 04 sierra 4x4 moneypit.I put more money into that pc of junk than I paid for it.So last week I bought what I thought was a nice silverado2500hd.So far it has been at the local dealer more than it has been in my driveway.Electrical issues at the under hood fuse box.The dealer was great,fixed it up and I drove it to work for three whole days,now I am getting the service stabilitrak message.
    Question is to GM, from what I am seeing on line the general is not giving it`s loyal buyers a reason to keep buying so when are you going to get back to building a good product again..
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    Welcome...I have always been a GM guy, generally had good luck with them. I love the 97 GMC I have now. My neighbor bought a Duramax last year....is not in love with it. Maybe the quality had gone down recently.....hope not

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