Why do we call it summer break?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by KidHauler, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. KidHauler

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    Now that the kids are out of school, we've been so busy with ball games, dance, gymnastics, driving here and there, I haven't checked-in in a while.

    Quicky run down:
    FINALLY got the mufflers replaced on the 99 Burb - both weld seams were completely gone. The kids liked it, but the drone at city speeds was killing me.
    Da Bus finally turned 100K! My wife took a load of kids to Cedar Point for their last day of school - better her than me...
    We pulled the 89 Sierra out of storage, and are getting it road ready for the soon-to-be-new-driver. We stopped driving it when we started having kids (2 seater), and now our oldest is 15 1/2. Man, I'm gettin' old.
    Got my uncle's Typhoon cleaned up with the hopes of going to the Homecoming event in Troy, MI, then got called in for OT. A parking lot full of Syclones and Typhoon's! Ah, maybe next year...

    Hope everone is doing well. I'm saving up pop cans for gas money so we can get to the GMTC meet in ILL.
    Have fun,
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    It is crazy; I’m kind of done with that now. I have one kid; she is 16 and just got her license. So, she just takes the truck now. Still don’t help with the gas but it does with my time. More time to work on the house and have a couple of beers. Good luck with your summer break...
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    I hate summer break. The restaurants are always filled with soccer moms and their kids during lunchtime. Lines are longer. Teenagers add to traffic in the city during the day. It makes me grumpy. When the hell did I get old?
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