Why I am now boycotting Fel Pro

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by LoneWolf'burban, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. LoneWolf'burban

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    I recently had the white cloud of death in my truck. Tore it down and found oil leaking up loose bolt threads and a bolt head into my intake manifold. I ordered the full over haul gasket kit for my engine, or so I thought. O'Reilly Auto Parts uses the info provided by manufactures for their website part discriptions. This $100 kit was labled by Fel Pro to fit my truck. It did not. It did not include all the valve seals, did not have the plenum gasket for my two piece intake, performance W code engine, no EGR gasket, and rubber valve cover gaskets an inch too short. The short valve cover gaskets WERE for stock valve covers but they do not make any cork gaskets to fit aftermarket covers. Stock covers have tabs to hold the short gaskets until installed and they conform to the engine. No biggie as I only had to replace one cover gasket so I cut and spliced from the other. Just a note for you in that have to change them in the future. The box said Non-Returnable Once Opened. Seemed I was up the creek. I could not contact Fel Pro. O'Reillys made good on it. After a scathing email. Their Customer Help dept. was able to contact Fel Pro and got the run around. After 4 days of emails biting my tounge holding my temper, O'Reillys found me the parts made of two different kits totalling $75 dollars more than what I paid for. After bluntly telling them in the emails and finally on the phone I was NOT paying for any more parts and taking my business else where they let me exchange the kits at no charge and finally explaining to me that they use manufacturer's info on their site I agreed to continue shopping there but never using Fel Pro labled items again. I know they are owned by a conglomerate using many names for the same products. Under Mr. Gasket I believe, but Fel Pro will not be used by me again.
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    I used Fel Pro on my Ranger and will be tearing it down again this spring to replace the lower intake manifold gasket since it decided that even being brand new, it would like to fail. 5 quarts of oil dumped in my driveway in 20 minutes. Ford sells a better gasket for only about $3 and that's what I'll be getting. I have heard good and bad things about Fel Pro gaskets, but after this last experience, I am not impressed. The rest of the gaskets that I used (head gasket, valve cover, upper intake) all are working flawlessly, but the 3 piece lower is a terrible design that only vaguely resembles the factory gasket.
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    Fel Pro used to be one of the top brand Gasket makers in the U.S., but unfortunately like most other companies they got cheap to make it through lean economic times and started farming production to other countries and using cheaper materials for manufacturing. And like most other companies they'll either get away with it and survive until times get better or they'll die. It's just the way the world works.
    Twenty years from now they may be the best on the market again, only time will tell.

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