Why is GM traction control so useless?

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by KeithR, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. KeithR

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    I've got a fleet of six express vans. Of the four 2007's, 3 of them have had front hubs replaced due to traction control system failures. So far the 2003 has not done it nor has the 2012. Is there some difference in the systems those years? We transport children and in each case, the van showed traction control and ABS warnings and would completely lose power when moving from a stop. This is a hazardous situation when trying to maneuver in city traffic and several times nearly led to accidents. Our regular shop diagnosed it as front wheel speed sensors and the local dealer confirmed that. We've ended up replacing hubs when the first attempt to service the sensors proved to be a waste of time. I know there are GM reps on this board. What is GM doing to take responsibility for this failure? Do I have to encourage the families of the 14 children and driver in the van to sue GM when we have an accident because of this defective system?:grrrrrr:
  2. Pikey

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    The front wheel hubs on many models of GM trucks are known to be a common failure point. I hope you replaced them with a quality unit like a timken or a Moog unit and not some cheap off brand or you will be in the same boat in a year or so. how many miles were on the 2007's when you replaced the hubs? I understand that it can be frustrating but, I don't get when people complain when they have to spend a few hundred dollars on a wheel hub after driving a vehicle for 100,000 miles.
  3. KeithR

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    These vans only have 60-70,000 miles on them. Even with everything working they are terrible in snow. My 1995 2wd Suburban with the Eaton locker is a champ in the white stuff and I need to check the rpo codes on our 2003 Express, but I'm thinking it has the locker too since it runs well in snow. This Stabilitrak system has proven to be a lot of nothing when it comes to getting traction. But let some computer sensor fail and it'll leave you a sitting duck in an intersection as traffic bears down and you can't move. Not fun.
  4. Darrell Robertson

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    Another Chevy Express forum that GM monitor is full of post with this issue. People are pissed off about this issue. Lots of them complain they loose power on the freeway.

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