Why is the US auto industry trending to the boring?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by McClintoc, Jan 29, 2014.

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    On this board, that is a good bet. ;-)

    I lived in Motor City Michigan...and have worked for both General Motors and Ford (albeit in the IT departments). And have lots of family still in Michigan employed by all of the Big 3. Although, I generally feel the same way about Chrysler as McClintoc...(except for Jeep brand). I think their styling is cool, but don't really trust their quality. I will only buy GM or Ford.

    Well, I honestly don't like the new Camaro very much (personal tastes)... I think it's definitely the least attractive (by a wide margin) of the Mustang, Challenger or Camaro choices. I don't even look at them on the road, as they just don't interest me. Even driving a Camaro SS, didn't help at all. At this point, I am rooting for the OP to spring for the CTS-V...now that is a sweet ride.
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    Me too, brother! :glasses:

    I am really going to try hard to get one (get out of debt, get my credit score up, etc) but another factor is, they just don't seem to come up for sale very often. I check about once a week just to see what is out there and pre-owned CTS-Vs don't come around often and when they do, they are gone in a couple of days. :(

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