Why some people hate daytime running lights.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by stchman, May 13, 2013.

  1. Sierraowner5.3

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    to be fair, #s 4,5, and 6 are fairly valid.

    4 - having driven a semi more that a little, brights at any time can be bad, at night in any sort of traffic is terrible.

    if you havnt ever driven one, and I doubt you have, dont pooba this, its a big deal.

    5 - out in the country, when its getting dark or just getting light, spooking livestock, or any animal can be an issue. again, if you havnt done it, you really wouldnt know.

    6 - to a point I agree, some people are clueless enough they dont turn them on in the dark. think about how many cars you go past when its getting dark, or foggy, or raining, that dont have lights on.

    manufactures didnt add it for no reason, all that extra wiring and lights add complexity = $$$. its a safety thing. at times they are annoying, but if they can be turned off, i dont care.

  2. stchman

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    I'm not talking about turning the brights on and leaving them on, I'm talking about a quick 1/10 second flash to let the semi trucker know it's safe to get over. I do this when a semi wants to get back over to the right and have never been flipped off/cursed, etc. IMO it's FAR safer just to flick the high beams for that brief 1/10 of a second than to take my hands off the wheel and turn the lights on than off again. That's the reason the manufacturer makes the turn signal stalk momentarily flash the brights by pulling back on it.

    As far as livestock, I will take your word on it. I have driven out in the country and would NOT want to drive with no lights when in low or no light. What does the person do when they are driving at night and have to turn the headlights on?

    Reason that automatic headlamps (not DRLs) are a great thing. That sensor on the dash is far more reliable than a human being, even the people that call other people "stupid" have more than once forgotten to turn their headlights on when it was dark. If they say they have not, they are lying.
  3. RayVoy

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    Hey, let's not blame Canada; yep, we do have mandatory DRL laws. The laws also state that they can not be turned off. Our headlight switch is different than yours.

    If your theory was correct, the US vehicles would have a headlight switch assembly that did not permit the DRLs to be disabled
    If your theory was correct, the speedo in the US vehicles would be in kilos/hr and not in mph.
    If your theory was correct, the gauges in the US vehicles would be metric and not US english.

    But, let's get real, a country with 1/10th the buying power of the US is not going to influence the options in the vehicles sold in the US.
  4. ChevyFan

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    Is it a US federal law to mandate DRLs or not? I thought I've seen some newer vehicles that don't have DRLs.
  5. Sierraowner5.3

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    gonna disagree here, brights are never good around a semi. just dont do it. flash your fogs, hazards, parking lights, most anything really. do not hit the brights. ive been on the recieving end a few times. its not fun.

  6. Jamm3r

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    My OBS truck doesn't have DRLs (1997).

    On my NBS burb there are the separate DRLS which have their own bulb, in a parking-light type housing halfway between the headlights and the foglights. I like them.

    On my NBS burb if I am driving and I turn the headlight selector to the momentary "off" position then the DRLs turn off. They also shut off if the headlight selector is moved to the parking light position. They shut off by themselves when the transmission is in park.

    So I can shut them off in the occasional situation where glare is a problem. Security checkpoint, livestock, whatever.

    The statistics are pretty clear that DRLs save lives. Small price to pay I figure.
  7. stchman

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    I used to own a 97 pickup and it had DRLs. I gather the reason your truck does not is that someone pulled the fuse to disable them as GM put them on that year truck.
  8. Jamm3r

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    Maybe, who knows. Or the relay or whatever doesn't work right.

    It came with a plow. Maybe someone did some creative wiring to simplify the way the plow hooks up.
  9. Backroads

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    I think maybe I might possibly probably nearly learned something.
  10. steved

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    The rate at which people engage in activities other than driving includes them as STUPID, and as such the majority of them forget to turn their headlights on...ergo, they are STUPID for not focusing on driving. Do DRLs make them safer...yup, especially at night and when its raining.

    I have been in two accidents recently, both times it was because the other person was engaged in something other than "driving". In PA we have a "wipers on-headlights on" law...do you have any idea the number of cars (new cars mind you) that didn't have ANY lights on this AM??

    My point is they are STUPID because they are habitually doing something other than driving, and putting the rest of us at risk for an accident because of that. If you're OK with that that's your choice, I very much value my family's safety.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm not sure it is mandated yet...it almost can't be because, like you; I have seen a lot of new cars without DRLs.

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