Why some people hate daytime running lights.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by stchman, May 13, 2013.

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    Heres some interesting DRL...........trivia?
    GM originally proposed DRL use to NHTSA in 1990 for North American Vehicles, their reason was to standardize NA vehicle production since Canada had mandated them.
    NHTSA objected for a few reasons, refractry or stray light issues, and studies conducted showed they had no affect on "most" vehicles. Two places that showed safety improvements were motorcycle accident reduction, 3.7% and light truck and van accident reduction of 5.7%
    At this time there are no Federal mandates to require DRL's, only local which are hard to enforce since you can simply buy a vehicle in a neighboring municipality that isnt equipt and not required to be.
    There were proposals to for federal restrictions on light intensity, capping them at 1,500 cd but those proposals have all but died and arent actively being persued at this time.
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    I almost bought a 2nd gen Dodge Cummins that was originally a Canadian truck, it had DRLs enabled. For all the 2nd gen Dodges I've seen in the states, it was the only one with DRLs enabled.

    I'm going to guess that almost any vehicle manufactured today could have the DRL enabled/disabled, you probably just have to ask the dealer when you buy it.
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    I do not dispute that people who engage in other activities while driving when they should be focused on driving are indeed acting stupid. No argument here.

    My point is that people call other people "stupid" when they forget to turn their lights on when it it is dusk. This IMO is a hypocritical statement as if fact there is no one that has driven a car for any length of time, has forgotten to turn their headlights on on more than one occasion. This assumes that the vehicle being driven does not have DRLs or automatic headlamps.

    Pennsylvania's wipers on headlights on is a really dumb law because what if someone (like me) uses Rain-X? Rain-X almost eliminates the need for wipers. So by PA law, if I am driving down the road and have properly used Rain-X on my windshield, I don't need to turn my headlights on during a heavy rain? See dumb. PA should have written the law to state that an operator of a vehicle shall be required to turn their headlights on during inclement weather.

    As I said before I am very much a huge proponent of automatic headlamps, and I do think that DRLs might make a car safer.

    What gets me is that people who are anti-DRL cannot provide one good reason against DRLs. The reasons they spout could hardly be considered valid. BFD I my have to change a headlamp a little more often. IMO, if a vehicle has DRLs, OK, if it does not, OK.
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    Obviously you have answers to all the answers...I'm done here.
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    4) that brief quick flash of the high beams might be right when the driver is looking in the mirror at you. Commercial drivers, by training and habit, tend to have their eyes in those mirrors more frequently than the typical driver. And those big mirrors on the sides can really pass along a lot of light anyway, and the have no "nightime dimming" feature like the typical 4 wheeler rear view mirror.

    5) you show your limited understanding of the livestock/wildlife issue being brought up. Most of us that have or live on farms also tend to drive OFF ROAD. I know is seems silly to take a 4x4 off road, but farmers and rancher do have to do that from time to time. Last thing I need is to go thru a pasture area off road and have livestock go on a tear. Especially when trying to check in the spring on new born calves. This is why I have issues with the "fine" folks who give us this nonsense. They haven't a clue what some of us in the "real" world have to do with out vehicles. They seem to think the entire world just uses their trucks for commuting and camping. Funny, though.... the commercials and brochures always seem to tout how great they are for working and ranching, yet when you get your hands on them, you realize some dweeb has forced something on you that you didn't want or need. They know what is best for our own good and have self appointed themselves as our de facto nannies.

    So...... the DRL fuses got pulled first thing when the truck came from the dealer. Now just have to disable the automatic low light sensor.

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