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    Transmision trouble.....

    :grrrrrr: l was driving normally today and when my truck shifted into 3rd it went booom and rocked the whole truck. When its in D or in 3rd gear its like its in neutral. it will drive in 1st and 2nd gear and reverse only... its only got 71 000 miles on it and they say i need a new transmission:grrrrrr:. l believe them but i can not understand why this has happened so early. its got the 4.3 liter engine with the 4 speed. anyone else have this happen?
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  2. shibby2oo8

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    its was a hardware failure not clutches/bands. sh*t happens. Did you do alot of reverse gear pulling or heavy reverse usage? the sun shell on these are weak to hard reverse use due to the power flow through the gearset.
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    When mine went in my 02 Avalanche I was in Md and thats all I heard.. Then no more 3rd or 4th Had it towed to a friends Trans shop in Ct. Only had 80K

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