wierd stereo position

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    wierd stereo position *updated*

    well im sure you guys know that on the 92 - whatever year, the stereo was just to the right of the steering wheel then farther right of that is the tape deck thing. was wondering what my options are with this set up. buddy of mine said that a friend of his took his stereo next to his steering wheel out and put a little cubby hole there then replaced the tape deck with the aftermarket deck, i was thinking that was a good idea but im not sure where i can get a cubby hole like that? if someone could point me in the right direction i would appreciat it

    or can i just take out the OEM stereo and throw a aftermarket deck there? it doesnt look like it will fit tho but i guess i might as well ask since i found a cubby hole that would replace the tape deck lol

    thanks to anyone that can give me some help.
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    Ok, I have quite a bit of experience with stereos in the older C/K trucks. First off, you can get the cubby hole thingy at a junkyard. They came in the base model trucks that did not have a stereo. Second, the stock stereo consists of three components: the control panel (just to the right of the steering wheel) the main unit (under the dash) and the tape deck. There is not enough room next to the steering wheel to mount a head unit there, so it MUST go in the place of the tape deck. You will have to by a dash kit that replaces the panel where the tape deck is, and it will allow you to mount any single DINN head unit there. You will also need the wire harness adaptor so you don't have to cut the harness in the truck. All you will have to do is connect the harness to the wires comming out of the harness for the new stereo, then plug the other end into the three little harnesses in the truck (you have to disconnect them from the main unit under the dash) You will not have to remove the main unit that is hidden under the dash, it can be left in the truck if you want to. It's pretty easy to do this, it just takes some time. Hope this helps. I will get some links for you in a few, so you will know where to get the dash kit and wire harness.

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    thats exactly what i was looking for! i looked all over ebay and i couldnt find one lol guess i was just looking at the wrong stuff, thanks alot all that info is exactly what i needed!
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    Well since you have the knowledge, Maybe you can help me out. I have the same stereo set up in a '93. Not working though. I got a whole other stereo (all 3 parts) and replaced them all. No luck. When I started driving the truck, only one of the dash speakers was working. I'm not getting an sound at all now. Not even static. Blown speakers mabey? I know this a common problem and I've seen it before but still haven't found an answer.
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    does the replacment stereo have power?
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    It is most likely the speakers. They were VERY prone to blowing in the '88 to '94 trucks because they were pretty much the cheapest speakers that GM could get, and they sucked. There is also the possibility that the replacement stereo is bad... Just a thought.

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    Just stop into a best buy & they shgould be able to to get you the dash kit and the pocket to replace the radio control mto the right of the steering wheel. If not best buy go to a custom stereo shop. I previously work in one. The install is easy.
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    About you stereo problem with no sound there is an amp back in the dash that must likely need to to replaced

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