Will a 86 wiper motor w/ pulse board drop into my 92? (Sonoma)

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Falcone, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Falcone

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    Well guys My 92 sonoma doesn't have pulse wipers, and my turn signal stays stuck on during left turns anyways. So here's the thing, I can get a 86 wipermotor with the pulse board and new cruise controll /turn signal lever for $80. I'm wondering if its a plug and play deal for the wiper motor and signal lever.
  2. bill190

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    Plug and "pray" is more like it for automobiles!

    In my experience, "plug and play" does not exist on automobiles, only in the computer world.

    As to my experience with wipers, I've seen vehicle manufacturers (non-GM) within a few model years switch from a + voltage switched wiper system, to a - switched wiper system, then back to a + voltage switched wiper system.

    And change to different electrical connectors for the same basic thing every few years (I mean the same exact parts!).

    Then switch the wire colors around every few years.

    It is as if they intentionally don't want you to be able to interchange parts between model years!

    Then they will use the same basic wiper motor, but the mechanical connection to the wiper arms will change from year to year.

    In other words, don't count on something from a different model year working with your model year vehicle.

    Other than that, if you can find a wiring diagram for your vehicle and the vehicle the wiper motor is from, then you can connect it electrically if the connectors don't match.

    But you need to make sure the switching is the same. Some wipers turn on/off the + to the wiper motor. Others turn on/off the - to the wiper motor. So you would need to be sure your switches and motor were the same switching system.

    Then you would need to see if the wiper motor would fit. And that it used the same mechanical connection to the wiper arms. Same amount of travel for the rotating part, same depth, same everything.

    Then other than that, on some GM vehicles, the cause of the turn signal not returning after a turn is a $2 spring (these break) which can be replaced. There is a left spring and a right spring.

    Here is the spring...


    Looks like this...

  3. Falcone

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    wow thanks for the awsome reply. I will definatly just look into the spring I belive you can rent steering wheel pullers from the parts source. I will definatly lookk into that thanks.

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