Will these rims and tires be good ?

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  1. Whats up ... Im confused on how the whole tire size thing works even when I do read the charts lol ... I don't know what all the numbers mean and stuff lol ... So I'm just looking on eBay and other sites to just see what's selling .. I was wondering if these tires and rims will be fine ... I have a 2010 silverado crew cab .. Will be leveled with ready lift t6 leveling kit .. Thanks

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    I just posted those wheels on my truck a week ago (should be a few down on the main wheel/tire listing). My wheels are the 20" hoss in the +30 offset like you linked. I bought terra grapplers in the 275 55 flavor and was told that with the +30 offset and a level lift, I could do 295s and possibly 305s (may rub). It is hard to know exactly because different trucks sit differently and you wouldn't know for sure until you test fit. With that ready lift, youll probably be fine with a 305, but thats just based on what I've ssen other people trucks and my own truck.

    The only problem with that particular listing is that the bolt pattern isn't correct for a chevy/gmc.
  3. Ggg'z who would of thought putting rims on a truck would be so difficult .. I'm bout to just go to a rim shop an just have them do everything but they will rape me with price ... But thanks for the feedback
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    yeah bolt pattern is wrong. Wheels and tires are expensive but check feedback on tire places. I have used discount tire/americas tire for years (even then I have ones that I like better than others)
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    A 305 series is a 35" tall tire, you guys are fitting 35's with a leveling kit?? Wow that's news to me, I have been out of the game for too long.
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    I didnt believe it either until the manager at the wheel shop I bought my wheels from showed me a 2012 level lifted truck with 305s. He said it rubbed but he just cut a 4"x3" hole in the well and hes had no issues since. didnt get the width of the tire but looked average for that size.
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    Umm, I hate to disagree, but I must because that's a very broad statement which, when applied to all 305's ... isn't accurate. A 305/75R17 is, indeed, exactly 35" tall, but:

    • A 305/70R16 is only 32.8" tall
    • A 305/70R17 is only 33.8" tall
    • A 305/65R18 is only 33.6" tall
    • A 305/70R18 is 34.8" tall (often rounded to 35", but technically, it's not)

    You get the idea -- 305 is a width ... which has to be used in conjunction with wheel size and tire profile to compute height. Here's a useful tool: http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html
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    Man, that tire size graphic you linked to is great.
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    Very nice chart....:great:

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