Win a GMTC Club Window Sticker

Discussion in 'Contests & Giveaways' started by ChevyFan, May 25, 2012.

  1. GuajoloteMenor

    GuajoloteMenor New Member

    window sticker

    I want a window sticker
  2. ChuckHarding

    ChuckHarding New Member

    Gotta bling the ride alright! Thanks!!
  3. DZI388

    DZI388 New Member

    I like getting decals for the truck.
  4. BigChevytruckgirl

    BigChevytruckgirl New Member

    Please send it to Jo Locoteta 2552 Wilson ave bellmore by 11710 thank you
  5. New member here would love too support the site and get somemore members joined David Downs 327 Harrington St, Apt 21e, Lenoir North Carolina, 28645 sorry i posted somewhere else not sure if I posted wrong place or not oops sorry folks
  6. lsorah0001

    lsorah0001 New Member

    Is love a sticker if you still have one!!!
  7. Moncheche

    Moncheche New Member

    A sticker would make my month!
  8. Texas Edition

    Texas Edition New Member

    Hope I'm not too late as there are already 12 pages. I believe my truck is unique enough to receive a sticker. People will definitely notice my loud 4600wrms stereo system and exhaust from my truck, notice that its been modestly customized and see the sticker in the back window!
  9. WonderinWhat

    WonderinWhat New Member

    I'd like to support the club with a sticker!
  10. PaulsBowTie

    PaulsBowTie New Member

    hummmm, free is my favorite price!


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