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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by alabamasilverado, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. alabamasilverado

    alabamasilverado New Member

    anybody out there found a good affordable solution for mounting a winch on their 2005 1500 silverado?i wasnt going to get a winch and i was going to get a ranch hand brush guard but then i got a good deal on a winch and have no way to mount it yet. i was thinking about a westin sportsman series winch capable. i sure as hell am not gona spend 2,000 hard earned dollars on a warn brushguard/bumper replacement on my truck just so i can mount a winch. if anybody out there is got some knowledge/advice/pictures id be grateful to hear from ya....thanks
  2. Uncle Ed

    Uncle Ed New Member

    How big is the winch? Do you want it on there full time?

    I put a front receiver on my toy truck so I can plug in my push bumpers, a winch, or both. I went that route as I wanted to keep it clean, be able to go to car washes and I can plug them into the back if needed.

    A Multi-tasker! R R R

    Come daylight maybe I can get a pic if you like in case it gives you some ideas.

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