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    So a couple years ago I was in a minor accident along the driver's side of my truck. Took it to a decent body shop and they did a great job, except I was getting some significant wind noise around the upper side of the driver's door. I took it back once and they played with it a little, but there's still some noise. It really just depends on the day, but when I'm on the highway around 65+ MPH it can get a bit noisy. Any suggestions about what I could do to the weather stripping or something else to help this??
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    Give this a try, it works for me. Open the door of your truck and insert the dollar bill between the door and the cab. Close the door on the bill and move it around, it should take some effort to pull the bill out. The areas where the bill is easily remove is where you have wind noise. To correct the situation make sure your window is down, grab hold of the area that you have identified as to the wind noise. Place your knee on the inside of the door and pull. You may have to do this a few times to obtain a good seal between the door and the cab, but it sure beats taking it ti the auto shop and it is free. Good luck!

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    could you explain the part where you pull? i dont quite understand. and it does cost, you have to have $1:lol:

    p.s. welcome to the site!

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