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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by gargoyle725, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. gargoyle725

    gargoyle725 New Member

    ok so none of my windows roll down all the way. Is there an adjustment or something? They are real hard to go up or down. these are not electric
  2. Crakums_GT

    Crakums_GT Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    What kind of vehicle?
  3. tattooed4life

    tattooed4life Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    year make and model the more info you give the more help you can get.
  4. bill190

    bill190 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well whatever type of vehicle you have, to repair this you would need to remove the door panels and figure out what is happening with the mechanism.

    Some people are good at this type of thing (handy/mechanical) and have the tools to do this. Then it is just a matter of learning how to remove the door panel.

    You can go to a wrecking yard (take your tools) and find a similar vehicle, then try removing a door panel there. If you wreck it, then no big deal. They are going to smash these up anyway. If you can remove it, then might want to look at the parts for the window, see how it operates. Might want to remove a couple of parts in case your vehicle needs them. (Buy something to be nice to the wrecking yard folks!)

    Or you could order a Factory Service Manual set from or a GM dealer for your year/model vehicle. This would have complete instructions for removing the door panels and servicing the windows.
  5. gargoyle725

    gargoyle725 New Member

    sorry its a 78 chevy burb

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