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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by nickolas388, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. nickolas388

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    This is my first post, and i would just like to say hi to everyone. I was thinking of posting in the new members area, but i need to address this problem quickly. I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado LS standard cab. Today i was rolling down my front pass side electric window, and i held the button a little longer than i should of. The window was all the way down, then i heard sort of a crunching harsh noise. I didn't know what it was, and was able to roll the window back up, but it was going slowly. After that, the window is now stuck in the up position. The window was always a little slow to roll up and down at first, but now its just not moving at all. I can hear the motor running in there though. Has anyone had similar problems? How can i fix this? Best case is if i don't fix it myself, i can go to my mechanic with some information on what it might be. Any help is appreciated.


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    First of all, welcome to the forum! :sign0016:

    To address your problem....I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like you either stripped a gear or something came off a track. What I would do is take off the door panel and see what you can see in there and go from there. That probably isn't a whole lot of help, but it may be a place to start.
  3. nickolas388

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    hmm, well would the window not have rolled back up if its off the track? the gear stripping might be the problem, how would this be fixed? any other ideas? thanks.
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    welcome to the forum!

    Id say it's gear. cant be that complicated to replace. First off id diagnose it, take apart the door and take out the bad gear and go to the nearest junk yard and get to lookin'. If that doesnt solve it you can always check ebay. if that doesnt help then you will be suprised on how many parts some automotive places will carry
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    If the window was already slow to roll up, I'd replace the motor while in there. Slow roll-ups and shot window motors are common with these trucks. I had to replace my passenger side window motor on my current truck (04 Sierra) when I got it (used). My 2001 Silverado's driver side window motor was also toast when I got it (used)...

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