Window Wiring Problems

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    Hello i have a 94 k1500 Z71 and i am in the middle of replacing my window motors, regulators, and window glass lift plates. After breaking my drivers side window (for stupid reasons, i forgot it was still on my tailgate when i drove off, dont laugh at me haha) So i went to the other side and expected it to be the motor but tested the switch anyway and found that it was only getting about 5 volts and after we looked at a wiring diagram, this one, we tried different wire combinations and suddenly it wasn't getting any power and we tried putting the leads directly on the plug that attaches to the window motor and tried the switch on the passenger and drivers sides and we got nothing from both where could my problem be? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
    -Dan Koepke
  2. rileyjr16

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    Start simple, have you checked your fuses (if they have one for the windows as I have forgotten if they do or not)?

    DSKMAN New Member

    There are fuses but i think it is for both windows so if one side works and the other doesnt i dont think it can be the fuse unless im mistaken?

    DSKMAN New Member

    Also i just bought a whole drivers side door froma guy for 25 bucks becasue i needed the window glass and do you think i can get the extra drivers side wiring harness to work on the passenger side? also pushing the button for the passenger window on the drivers side still has no effect so...

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