Windshield Replacement Woes

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    What do I do now? I removed the old windshield the wrong way on my '90 GMC pickup. I didn't cut the old adhesive close to the glass as I should've and after I had the glass completely removed I proceeded to scrap as much of the old off with a razor, exposing metal in places and and body filler at the sheet metal joints. I later did a search and learned that I shouldn't have done that.

    I have a new glass that comes with the rubber seal on it and a tube of Amitek EZ-1 Hi- Viscosity Auto Glass Urethane

    After I removed my windshield I found a forum on my phone with a post saying that I should cut the old adhesive close to the glass, leaving some old adhesive on the truck to apply new adhesive to and to not expose the bare metal or filler. it also said how to prep bare metal and body filler. I registered to that forum on my PC and closed the browser on my phone but I cannot find that post So I don't know how to fix what I did.

    Also I cannot tell what kind of adhesive the old was, it's dull black and is hard to tell from the old rubber that was on the old glass. Anyway to clarify what I am asking my questions are:

    * How do I tell what kind of adhesive held my old glass on?
    * How do I clean the old adhesive off?
    * Do I have to prep. the exposed body filler is so how?
    * Do I have o prep. the exposed metal and if so how?
    * Is $75 a good price for a new Windshield with rubber seal and a tube of Urethane adhesive?
    Sincerely Jon

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