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    The windshield wipers on the multi-function Turn signal/washer & washer/cruise control stalk on my wife's 1999 Suburban has a tendency to stay on when the wipers are turned off. Also, the windshield washers stopped working. I am hoping the whole problem is in the wiper motor and the washer pumper in the reservior, but if not has anyone here changed out the whole stalk on the steering column before, without interfering with the air bag?
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    The most common cause of wiper washer problems on these OBS trucks seems to be the circuit board on the wiper motor. If you are good with solder, reportedly it is usually bad connections on the circuit board that can be cheaply fixed if you can locate and resolder the bad connections.
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    Like shorty says it could be that board. But the fact you lost the washers too sound like the multifunction switch. It's not a big job at all to change it out. Just take your time and don't break anything.
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    Thanks for the reply and tip.

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    Thanks for the reply and tip. Your lifted Suburban is sharp.

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