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  1. 1S1K

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    Okay I know the pictures arent great, I will get more posted on a day off!!!

    But i wanted to post a few!!!

    Here are my Winter set for my truck. 04 Z71 Wheels 17's with 265 70 17's.. a lil smaller then my 285's...

    I Painted a set of stockers with Spray-In liner. using a compresser gun and a new liner which has flakes of kevelar and rubber (Xtreme Liner) painted wheels and caps. I like the satin look with some texture.

    This stuff cures hard as a rock.... can be cleared or painted another color in the first seven hours of aplication... i went with a smoother finish the you would spray on a bed for ease of cleaning...

    the tires are a little small but they were a good find on CL and in great shape...

    I will post more pictures with my camera...

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  2. tbplus10

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    That liner covering looks durable.
    The smaller tires will give you a little more power to spin the tires clean after the mud holes your sure to encounter this winter.

    Looks good.
  3. TRPLXL2

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    That bed liner stuff looks like the Rustoleum stuff I used to paint my lights with, my stuff was like 100 grit sandpaper which is what I wanted. Great work on the paint job though, I was wondering if you were going to let those nice shiny rims get all gunked up in the snow and salt. Here's a picture of my lights I did, this was after they were cleared and it looks similar to what you used but probably not as durable.

  4. Eddie Z71

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    Wow, I like it! It is something different than you see everyday. I think you had a great idea! Thanks for the pictures,:glasses:
  5. 1S1K

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    Thanks, I started to paint with the BBQ high temp satin... But it looked like a black painted wheel... I was not impressed. I was thinking about powder coating them, however trying to keep the cost down. neighbor was doing the bed of his pu and i was thinking that would look cool. so we played around until we found how smooth we could make it and waaaa laaaa there it is, no going back now..

    I am happy with it and will get better pictures us soon in some snow, sleet rain and wind as that is what we have been having around here.

    I am thinking those would look pretty good with some aggressive tires, versus the snow traction.. tires... anyway.

    I think i will have some other plans for the xtreme liner paint... hmmmmmmm

    Thanks for the support from you guys, Thinking to my self most of the time What would the crew from GMTC think.... as I work on projects.....
  6. s5belford

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    thats pretty awesome, they turned out great!
  7. Chevyboy96

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    Looks really good:great:

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