WINTERS here what are you doing to your trucks ?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by bowaddict13, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. bowaddict13

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    Well it has been a while since the truck accident so now comes the list of upgrades that have gone into the truck and the ones still to come. First the entire rear end was dropped and taken off it was replaced with a new G80 locked rear end . all the suspension came out and was lifted 3 in new leafs , shocks , ubolts , u joints in the driveshaft since i was hit so hard it shot out from under the truck . Now as far as cosmetic The bed is still on but the one side is got some pretty big dents in her . Not sure ive been banging the damage out but got a ways to go so the delimmma is get a new bed or convert her to a crew cab flat bed with a gooseneck so i can haul more ...ANY ideeas or commets would be GREAT ... went with new black pwder coated rims still 17s with 305/70/17 on them . now the front i got really lucky and found a used ranch hand bumper in almost mint condition , so after a little sanding and prep a bit of new paint she looks like new . only thing was she came off a 2007 and i have a 2005 so a small amount of modification had to be done to the front of the frame , so i cut 4 inchs off and fabricated some new brackets so it sits just right gotta say i couldnt be happier . oh and traffic parts when you pull up behind them and your bumper and brushgaurd is wider and bigger then there ride LOL. so a few things to come are a 3 in body lift got to figure out what im doing with the bed and maybe a few lighting upgrade and addons may even do a lighted moonvisor just because i think they rock let me know guys i will post some pics here soon to show what ive done .:happy:
  2. Pikey

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    I would like to see some pics of your truck. If you do the body lift, will you have to modify your ranch hand again? Because the body will move up but the ranch hand is bolted to the frame so it will not. Where do you live in Michigan? I recently saw a used bed, that I think was from a crew cab for around $400.
  3. bowaddict13

    bowaddict13 Member

    Im up in the port huron area ya i thought about having to move it again but that wont be a problem i can flip the brackets and they will raise it up . a new bed would be great 400 sounds even better . the other thing is if i do the body lift the gooseneck hitch in the bed will also have to be extended up
  4. nikkeshelton

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    Good thing your a metal fabricator! You must have been hit hard!
  5. Pikey

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    You are about 40 minutes from me. I will drive by where I saw the bed for sale. I will let you know if it is still there.
  6. bowaddict13

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    ya he spun me round pretty good sad part about it was that it was another chevy 1500 but we both walked away just fine .

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    Thanks the last one i found was about as beat up as mine so it wasnt worth it , i did find i can buy just the driver side skin and go that route its only about 380.00 but would take alot more prep work to do
  7. SurrealOne

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    To answer the question that's in the title of this thread, I live in the south so I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary for winter. We hit 26F for the first time, this year. Two weeks ago we were running in the 60F and 70F ranges. :)

    Sounds like you're getting your truck back into shape, [MENTION=54851]bowaddict13[/MENTION]. Have you been taking pics of the work so we can see?
  8. bowaddict13

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    just added some pics i ran outside and took sorry shes a bit muddy and saltty its only 22 f outside here right now . ya its a slow process getting her back in shape the way i want but between mine and the wifes new toy ive been having a blast working on them both..

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