wiper motor problem ?

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  1. Andy_Panda

    Andy_Panda New Member

    Well guys I have a problem with my wipers and don't know if I should just change the wiper motor or if its something more serious ....

    The problem is this : in my 1995 suburban , my wipers either stop in mid wipe or go super fast no matter the setting so sometimes my wipers are straight up and down and don't work or even on the lowest setting there blazing fast ...additionally the fluid does not shoot on my front glass but my rear is fine is there 2 seperate motors for front and rear bug wash ? Thanks and sorry for the stupid questions lol I know how to do most things honestly but never dealt with wiper motor problems hope its just the motor and not a flaw in my electrical
  2. vncj96

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    These motors are a common problem but easy fix and cheap. As for the washer spray I can not remember if the motor wiring piggybacks the washer in it as well so it could fix that not for sure, and yes there is 2 different pumps for front and rear for washer fluid.
  3. Pikey

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    There was a recall on the wiper motor. They replaced the cover. Something about bad grounds and an corrosion issue.
  4. Andy_Panda

    Andy_Panda New Member

    sweet thanks guys

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