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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by aloxdaddy99, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I am about to upgrade the system in my truck. I have ordered the speakers JL Audio C5-650 and C5-650x along with a JL Audio XD700/5 that should be here by the end of the week. While I was looking around trying to figure out what and how much wire I was going to need to install this stuff I came across a thread from zigger about a big 3 up grade. I had heard of it before but not familar with the pro's of such a change. Since I need to order some good size wire for the amp install I figured I would also order some for the big 3. That brings me to my question. 1. Should I go with a "box" install kit? 2. If not how much and what size wire do I need to complete this. 3. Also what type/kind of terminals should I get to complete the both jobs? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
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    Terminals are a matter of preference. Some people want cutsey digital voltmeters at the terminals for competition while others just want terminals that work and still others want multiple connection points on the terminals. Select what you like for the battery terminals.

    As for the 'big 3', it's a worthwhile upgrade if you're pushing larger amounts of current than your key OEM wires (those being: alternator to battery, engine to battery, and battery to chassis frame) can support. I upsized my alternator and was adding a winch, so my cable is all 1/0AWG to support the >=300amp draw the winch is capable of creating. 1/0AWG would be overkill for just the amp, IMHO. However, a number of people do report brighter headlights and the like after doing a big 3 upgrade.

    If you're interested in doing the 'big 3' upgrade give me a shout on the mobile and we can discuss it.
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    As said above With a JL Amp they like to see a good ground and power all around so the current stays the same and you get the power going and leaving the amp. 4Ga will be fine all around.

    I always just bought wire by it self and got the Terms I needed, What you may want to do is get what they call 9 cond wire too it's a single cable with 9 wires inside of it run that between your amp and the radio for your speaker wires. hook them up to your factory wires. Unless you want to run all new wires to all your speakers But be careful getting new wire into the door boots can be a pain...

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