Wiring Connector From Hell on Heater/AC

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    During removal of the engine harness on my '97 Suburban the plug-in connector on the firewall for the heater/A/C is a first-class PITA. It is injected with a blob of very tenacious sealant that makes it very tough to get it apart without damaging the wiring. The thing smacks of last-minute engineering with no intention that unplugging the connector for service/repair would remain possible. Anybody else ever run into this? It needs to be unplugged so the harness can be folded back for intake manifold removal. Is there some trick for taming this stuff? :grrrrrr: I guess I can just whack the wires and splice them - or install a different plug set. What a pain....typical bullsh&&t from GM and the UAW.
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    Well I finally got around this lousy design/execution by leaving it there - tied the harness up out of the way enough to lift the intake manifold up and out. I noticed my Silverado (also '97) doesn't have this blob of goo in the heater/ac connector. Go figure.
    Posted about the rest of the "Intake Gasket Job" separately in Powertrain Tech.
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