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    Who has a wiring diagram for a 1996 GMC Suburban, i have a short somewhere , ECM not responding, could be a bunch of searching.....ignition , engine,under dash, and so on .

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The detailed route to go is to find a shop manual (the one the dealerships use). Ebay may have them. Usually they are about $120 for the set. ALL of the wiring daigrams are in there as well as the locations of the ground, splices, wire harnesses. I always get a set of these books when I buy a vehicle since I do all my own work. I would try to copy key pages from mine, but your truck is OBD2 and mine is not.

    The next route is to pick up a Haynes manual at your local auto parts store. $20.

    Also, you could start by looking at the wire harnesses and wires starting from the ECM. It is unlikely that the wires are touching each other. It is more likely that one is setting on a sharp edge or something like that.

    Have you done any modifications at all to the wiring? Pushed some harness around? This might do it to. I once hooked up a 7 pin wire harness connector for my trialer and used the dielectric lube on the screw connectors to prevent rust. Turns out I used to much and they were shorting to each other. Must have squeezed out. Again, odd stuff can happen.

    Just some thoughts.

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