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    Hello all, I'm looking for a radio wiring diagram for 99 chevy suburban 454... or if someone would allow me to pick their brain if they're familular with the vehicle...

    I'm looking for the AUX input for the stock am/fm/cd/tape radio.. I know for a fact their is one due to the fact that the vehicle came with a car phone new in 99.... the harness for the phone system is still in place (just not a clue whats what) and don't have the phone system to compar the make and model for info....

    My idea is that I'm an amateur radio operator and volenteer firefighter and I'd like to have an input to the stero for the amateur radio/fire radio / and the occational ipod usage... I'm famililar with electronics and can accomplish this easily , if only I knew which wire goes where..(without hunting anyways)

    Thanks in advance for any help

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