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    Can any one tell me where i can get a wiring diagram/schmetaic downloadable/printable/pdf file for free for a 1982 to 1987 GM truck thanks MIKE
  2. daddytech

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    best thing i can offer here isn't free, the chilton books have some pretty good schematics in them but you have to buy them unless you happen to have an auto parts store local to you that happens to have one of those books on the shelf with the plastic off of it already , if so you can go there and look at the book if they'll let you. that's how my local Advance lets me do when I need things like that. if you have to have the info right there with you take a digital camera in with you and take a picture of the page with the schematic you need and then you can blow it up as you need it on your pc at home , (yeah i am cheap and i have thought this through already lol)
  3. dwill3015

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    Check out the repair manuals thread in Q&A and there is a link to have access to all the wiring digrams for free.

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