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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by mnmhays, May 31, 2014.

  1. mnmhays

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    Ok, first of all, I'm new here so thanks for having me!

    I just picked up a 1996 Suburban 1500 that appears to have a factory reciever but has never been utilized. The wires in the rear end have never been touched. I found the connector to splice in the NAPA 4 pin and the taped up other 3 wires back there it appears Orange=12V, Blue=Brakes, White=???. I also located the Blue & Orange wires up in the engine compartment near the load center. Orange has a ring terminal which I assume connects to post A or B on the Aux. posts.

    Now I am stumped. Does the large Blue wire need to be redirected into the cabin to be the sending connection from my brake controller? This is on order at the moment and will be here next week. Additionally, what is the smaller gauge white wire at the rear harness?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Welcome to the Site......the 2 links below should be able to help, regarding your questions, and I just thought I'd include a Trailer Wiring Diagram......the 2nd link, is for 99" to 07" Chevy/GM Trucks, but it should still be able to help.



    Trailer Wiring Diagram

  3. mnmhays

    mnmhays Member

    The second link looks like it will be of some help. Thank you very much!

    Unfortunately, most things on the internet deal with aftermarket jumper wires, etc... I'm just trying to make my setup as neat and clean as possible.

    Our 2 trailers are a 1973 Argosy26 and a 1966 30' Sovereign....both of which are around 4,000 lbs. but we want to do it right with the '96.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    mnmhays.....I agree with you on the aftermarket stuff "jumper wires".....also like you, I want a Setup that is as Neat and Clean as Possible for my Truck to the Wiring Connection on my Boats Trailer, I have this Setup from JetConnex Wiring,


    Vehicle-Side Connector: 4-Wire Flat, Male
    Trailer-Side Connector: 4-Wire Flat, Female
    Extended Length: 3 feet
    Retracted Coil Length: 8"

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  5. RayVoy

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    Guys, if your pulling 4,000 lbs and talking electric brakes you need to use the 7 pin (blade) connector)

  6. Conlan Rose

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    I have a 96' Tahoe and installed a harness. On the truck there are 7 wires. 5 are taped together by the hitch which are: Darkish Green which is right side, Yellow which is left, Brown is running lights, Small white is ground but if you are using brakes or aux power ground to the frame, and Light Green which is back up lights. GM follows all universal colors minus the back up light wire.

    The orange and blue are as you identified aux power and brakes. The blue wire under the hood that was wrapped with the orange one will need to be feed in to the cab. Use the aux A and B to power the Aux trailer power and brake controller.
  7. mnmhays

    mnmhays Member

    Perfect! Wiring a 7 pin with the OEM supplied wires should be easy. Brake controller came UPS today...need to pick up some parts/pieces to complete the install tomorrow. So it looks like 4 wires; Dk Grn, Yellow, Brn & Lt Grn are in the 4 flat that can be tapped into with a T type adapter from NAPA, white, blue & orange were taped back...I'm good so far.

    Standard schematics seem to go astray at this point though. The way I read it, it looks like White goes to #1, Blue to #2, Brn to #3, Orange to #4, Yellow to #5, Dk Grn to #6 & Lt Grn to #7 (Center)?
  8. RayVoy

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    There seems to be a lot of different wiring configs for this plug/connector.

    This seems to be the North American standard

  9. mnmhays

    mnmhays Member

    RayVoy..pic doen't show up. Do you have a link?
  10. Crawdaddy

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    What standard is used in Canada? I've never known any other 7-way blade RV position assignment.

    To mnmhays, To be safe, you can always use your multimeter and check the wires for voltage when you activate the various lights and brakes. The only wires you're sure of at this point are orange and blue, which are 12V to charge the battery on the trailer and blue which is the output of the brake controller.

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