Wiring up Halo Projector Headlights in 2000 Silverado

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by DaveyBoyo, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. DaveyBoyo

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    Hey guys, I didn't know whether to make this thread under Electrical or Aftermarket cuz it's lights, but whatever. Okay, I bought a pair of Halo Projectors from ebay. Never hooked these things up before. What I need to know is: What do I do with all the wires? I was hoping to just plug & play with the stock harness but it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to do that. Anybody have a step-by-step guide?




  2. Wallys2006

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    from what I can see, it's just the wires for the halo's that you really need right? all you would need to do is to splice the wires into the wires for the parking lights. that way they will be on when you have the parking lights on. thats what I did for the halos that I had on my blazer. But instead of splicing into them directly, I spliced a couple shorter pieces of wire to the parking lights with a female spade connector on the ends, and then put the male end on the wires coming from the halos (that way you can actually disconnect them if you need to pull the headlight housings out for any reason). hopefully that helps a little bit.
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    I bought the halos for my 2005 Silverado, and I had the same mess of wires running out of mine to. I actually had more wires because I also had the LED's on the side, I used Delphi connectors on mine to make them plug-n-play with the factory wiring. I didn't splice any of my wires on my truck and everything worked, I took them out because they were not bright at all and they were non-adjustable. Anyways I have a couple pictures of those connectors, most people don't use them because they are time consuming, expensive and bulky but they are incredibly weather resistant. Hope this helps, BTW mine didn't come with instructions either LOL!
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  4. DaveyBoyo

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    Hey guys. Thanks for the reply. I got my HALO's in tonight, but perhaps not at all the way I wanted. Allow me to explain..

    I got them really cheap off ebay ($35) because one of the brackets was broken. Fixed it (or so I thought) with Seal All. While I was working on installing them with my buddy, we broke 2 light bulbs in mechanics lamps (we had no spares). Then he busted one of my amber turn signal bulbs. Then he left my hot headlight bulb dangling out of the socket and it burnt a nice hole in my plastic grille. Then, when we got everything wired up, we realized that we wired the HALO's and LED's to the signals and not the parking lights. Brown wire, not blue wire. D'oh!! Then, the Seal All that was holding the bracket in place came off, prompting much swearing.

    We decided to take a break from that project and try to put a new sunroof motor in his '99 Grand Prix GTP. Keep in mind we're doing all of this outside in -21C degree weather. We get the headliner torn apart, hook up the new sunroof motor - only to find it doesn't work. This prompted much more swearing. Because my buddy had grease all over his hands from working on my truck and forgot to wash his hands, he in turn proceeded to cover his headliner in grease as well. (Insert swearing here).

    We put the car back together and lathered contact cement on the headlight bracket, held it together and pointed a hairdryer at it. After 3 hours, the contact cement looked like it was going to finally hold. Then I shut the hood and it came apart.

    Our tasks for tomorrow:

    - Buy new turning signal bulb, replace
    - Buy 4 new connectors and wire HALO's and LED's to brown wire, not blue wire
    - Buy can of gray paint and fix the hole burnt in the grille from headlight bulb
    - Buy superglue and make the headlight bracket F'ing stay on

    Who knows what else will go wrong before these tasks are completed. Stay tuned.

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